Son's of ONI

The Sons of ONI is the clan name
Contact Vespid Splinter for placement options


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The sons of ONI are all Spartans and solders from the days of the “Elder scroll’s” on to the Spartans placed on the flag ship “infinity” through our future “guardians” every soldier will have a chance at glory . Based on your classification breakdown and weapons analysis done by "ONI"you will be placed with a partner or partners that will most compliment your play style as well as your fellow Spartans. Extensive files and backgrounds will be created fore every member eventually. Examples on home web page.

Striving for leadership and taking command is the ultimate test of ones skills on and off the battlefield. decision making diplomatically during a battle must be maid quickly and precisely. orders must be followed .

Leadership recruitment open for Political/Battle positions We strive to bring the cutting edge of simulated battles across many games as brothers in glorious victory.

Competitiveness and perfection with team play is a must . Promotions and prizes will be awarded for out standing game play performance and participation in Social and private events.

Documents and lore history will be added to each player as he builds his/her solder across gaming battlefields. Primarily most knowledge know is of leadership .

Fortunately for clan members they will be granted access to documents pages , clan updates , sponsored tournament participation, cross gaming training and endless potential depending on player detection.

Prizes and promotions in the clan will be on a monthly basis and or as needed or awarded. Other prizes claimed at tournaments will be placed fairly with the players that affected the outcome.

Practices and meetings will be held weekly/week long as members are active .

Check us out and become part of Son’s of ONI today!