Somthing I Have to Say...

Before I get into let me give you guys a little backstory on my thoughts on Halo:

I have always been an advocate for bringing Halo back to the classic days of Halo 2/3. This nonsense with Armor Ability arguably has been Halo’s competitive downfall over the last few years. Halo 4 was a step in the right direction but it still was not the Halo we fell in love with. The Abilities were more finely balanced, and bloom was non-existent or at least a lot tighter allowing for more arena style shooting.

However for the most part Halo 4 was nothing but a long-range DMR fest. Turning maps like Blood Gulch from a vehicular and mid-range brawl, into “let’s sit at our base with DMR’s”. The weapon however is not to blame, however, the removal of de-scoping was.

Removing de-scoping single-handedly changed the way Halo played. Allowing marksman rifles to dominate most maps. It was very frustrating as I am a mid-range to melee brawler. I love the up close kills.

Now I have not played Halo, nor Halo 4 in some time. So it has been great returning with the Master Chief Collection.

At least so I thought it would be.

I haven’t played online yet, which I’m reserving my final review of the game for (waiting for the issues to be resolved first).

Playing Halo 2 Anniversary has been bitter sweet. But about 2/3 through my playthrough I started missing elements of FPS’s that have come to light in recent days. Suffice to say it felt too simple. I know we remember things differently, which is often why we hold onto nostalgia so dearly. Rarely do we get to relive the things from our past.

Games have evolved in a great way in recent years. Having all of us adapt and forming new strategies.

So with all that said, and before I get too far carried away. I wanted to give my opinion of Halo 5.

Change couldn’t look so -Yoinking!- good.

With the details of de-scoping, weapons on map, and no load-outs; I was already looking forward to Halo 5. Then came the gameplay ViDoc and the MLG (sort of) gameplay from Halo Fest.

This is how Halo evolves. Leaving the core gameplay elements while ushering in the new Spartan Abilities. This feels very right being a fan of the books and other media that expands on the Halo ‘Verse. Spartans using their suits inherit abilities in combat is something I’ve always wanted.

You always read and hear tales of what the Spartans could do in combat, but this is the closest we have been to that with Halo 5. And I just have to mention how balanced 343i has already invested into it. A simple example is how sprinting does not allow your shields to recharge, making you rethink combat. I’m honestly jealous I never thought of that; it’s both brilliant and elegant.

The Spartan’s movement is what got me hooked. Just how fluid the lateral jetpack movements were and how we can now mantle on different surfaces is just awe inspiring.

It looks like Halo is going to make an epic return. I for one cannot wait for the Beta this December and how our feedback will shape Halo for the better.