Sometimes, you just got to kill your teammate

Went into a match of BTB where a guy with the flag for some reason did not want to capture it, giving us the win. Unable to kill him and enemy team unable to get to him, they captured our flag and won instead.

Things like this happen all the time still too, either hiding back to keep the Wasp, camping weapon spawns, and even throwing power seeds the wrong way.

Until there is a report system, I rather would have had a way to actually kill our teammate that trolled for nor reason at all.


Run them over with a vehicle if you can.


Even though you can, I think there is some form of system mechanic that makes vehicles do their best to slide by your teammates. Besides, if they are aware of that being the only way they die, they just jump over.


Yeah stuff like that is why I wish teamkilling was still a thing, but you know, the trolls had to ruin it that bit of realism


Last time I had someone like this I recorded a video of them doing it and filled a complaint ticket showing it to 343i.

I believe they did take disciplinary action on the individual in the responce.

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Yeah, the disciplinary action of running his -Yoink!- over with a warthog.

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But seriously though, there are so many things that came with Infinite that just changes how the game feels for the worse:

  • No Collision with allies = no stacking which ruins some fun tbh
  • No friendly fire = the game becomes a grenade game where people haphazardly toss explosives
  • Random vehicle drops
  • Random ordnance drops

I still don’t get why they couldn’t have just left the collision and friendly fire on as is.

I mean, it makes things more exciting. I can guarantee you that we probably wouldn’t have as much outcry over the nades as we do currently.


Because Infinite dev team seem hyper focused in consistent and “predictable” and “fair” gameplay. As a result, they have forgotten why games had certain features in the first place and the result is a game devoid of excitement.

Before Yappening, it was exactly that way for every single match you play. Just going through the motions, getting bored, getting stressed, nothing feels exciting. Yappening is the first step to a healthy MP experience as it proves that looser SBMM is perfect for making sure games are unpredictable.


Going through the motions is right. I love this game to death, but it’s a stressful one for sure.

That’s why I general stuck to BTB in general. Having 12 people per team makes the game significantly less stressful then having only 4 people per team. Having less people per team makes each players performance significantly more important then when you have more, making it easier to just relax as you play.

Same thing with every other Halo game honestly.

You notice this even significantly more in those huge shooter games like battle field where you have like 60 player teams lol.

343 likes to take the fun out of halo unfortunately no betraying allowed!

A lot of people didn’t find betraying fun though. There’s good reason why most games have disabled by default.

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First time I brought the flag back in BTB, I didn’t know that you didn’t need to have your flag at the base to score so I was kind of trying to stay hidden. A teammate meleed me a couple of times and I thought he was being a jerk. Why are you hittong me? Eventually I thought if this guy wants to hold this until they recover our flag - fine.

Then he picked it up and scored, and that’s how I learned.

Well, except for 343 themselves. Seems like they’ve taken a shining to betraying the community’s trust.

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I’d say there are plenty of things people don’t find fun, exciting, etc. Yet are actually beneficial wether they like it or not.
And yes, being a victim to those who misbehave certainly does its fair share of spoiling the experience.

However, consider that a lot of people are hasty in their conclusions. In the case of friendly fire, it’s the “rule” which gets the most blame.
If there’s a troll going about team killing, or just damaging team mates, it’s friendly fire which enables the behaviour. Completely neglecting that the player is the root cause and will find other ways to grief.
If you’re killed by a team mate by accident, either the player or the team mate is to blame for carelessness. Yet it’s the rule of FF which again gets the flak.

“I’m tired of dying to team mates, it’s obviously Friendly Fire which has to go”

It’s short sighted stuff like that which most likely led to the removal of player collision, something I made a joke about a long time ago, as part of “combatting trolling and griefing”.

Rather than demanding better systems to deal with griefers, and getting better as well as communicate more with team mates while owning up to mistakes, it’s the game which has to change.

Griefing should be a bannable offence. I’m not even sorry.

If you can get banned for quitting social games, you should get banned for griefing. It ruins the game for literally everyone and people that do it need to go outside and get some fresh air.

i know we both never agree with each other 99,9% off the time’s but this time i agree sadly with you.

its true in the old halo game’s some people have bully there own team mate’s by killing then or other things.
and its true that there was much hate about the friendly fire system back then since some people abuse it the wrong way and sometime’s alot.
and we know also good that the old booting system back then was a compleet broken and also a big joke more.
so friendly fire off we have now is thanks to all the trolls more from the old halo game’s.

you know also good that some people give no crap about game type’s like CTF and other objective and only care about slayer game type.
so any other objective game type there play will turn in a slayer game type and there not care at all about the objective rule’s at all its something that has been in halo for so long since there is no slayer only playlist at all.

By disciplinary action you mean they closed the ticket 2 months later without responding. That’s been standard procedure.

Don’t forget no collision with enemies :wink:

No there is definitely collision with enemies now, but something is making it very inconsistent. That needs to get fixed for real.