Sometimes I wish customization wasn't a thing.

Don’t get me wrong. I really do enjoy seeing everyone being so creative with customizing their soldier. It adds to immersion, and really makes you feel like the halo community truly is the spartan army of the unsc. With that being said, I don’t like how much emphasis has been placed on the customization aspect of the game. As cool as it is, it just doesn’t affect gameplay. At all. The fotus helmet’s magic horn will not make your shots more accurate. The priority needs to be placed on more game improving content. No matter how much trash I talk on halo 5 with all its flaws, I just can’t give it up because the gun play is so good. The addition of skill based movement with halo’s arena style gameplay just works for me. And I’ve been playing halo since Vietnam. But with a campaign that lasts a couple of hours, with lacking of fan favorite game types that have been in halo for years, the game is just going under. So much potential is being wasted on gun camos. Prioritize. Tell the “req pack skin team” to start doing something else because making pizza ar’s is a waste of man hours.

TL or DR: not enough game improving content, stop with the reqs