Something you wanted to see in halo 4

What is something from previous halos that you wanted to see in this one, maybe a weapon or vehicle or grenade?

I would have loved to see the falcon or hornet come back and maybe the inferno grenade, that was a nice one.

inferno grenade? it was called the FIREBOMB grenade!

An UNSC air vehicle for sure

sorry I am not tuned into all the names
still a little new

The ability to play it’s multiplayer on MCC. They only days ago put the playlist back up and I guess I got excited too soon, because now I can’t get into a game. Constantly searching…

Similar Art Direction

The arbiter. because hes so badass, with his new armour in the comics and halo 5 trailer in halo 2 mcc

The Scarab Gun or the Arbiter.

protection shield

Dual weilding and some more weapons to do it with.

duel wielding would be awesome with the bolt shots I think.

Elites in matchmaking and an online Target locator which we saw in the trailers.