Something wrong with the servers today?

I just stopped playing after playing on and off for about 6 hours, and I had probably the worst Halo experience I have ever had.

The game has been lagging non-stop for me today, but not the way it usually does when you’re ‘laggy’. Everything that I did was delayed, throwing grenades, shots fired, you name it. Yet everything that was done to me was registered normally? I should have racked up about 30+ splatters today, but almost everytime I would run over somebody and they would just walk it off?

Had instances of spartan lasers doing absolutely nothing to a vehicle that I had a clean hit on. Normally I would have stopped playing all together, but it was just weird? I checked all the connections in our house, nobody was downloading or whatever. But what I found weird was that everything that I did was being delayed, yet everything that was done to me was registered just fine. I always got splattered, I always dropped dead the second after a headshot and so on.

This made it absolutely dreadfull to get the challenges for today and it tanked my KDR by a good margin, I am 100% sure it wasn’t anything on my end. So what are you up to 343? New way of punishing the players or were you just matching me up with other side of the world hosts 24/7?

TLDR: Implement a ping bar or whatever.

Been like this for 3 days for me. Was fine at first and now poo. Everyithing is latent.
I finally have just give up now and quit.
I checked to see if it was me and it’s not. Not to mention Reach and Halo 3 are fine. As i also checked them.

Basically i have quit halo4 now out of frustration. Makes me very angry toward 343i that this is happening tbh.