Something wierd

Anyone know why I’m so bad at halo 5? I got it for Christmas and I suck at the game. In halo MCC I have a 1.23 KD but in Halo 5 I have only a 0.7. Anybody else have this problem too?

It is different and will take some time for you to adjust to. Practice.

Halo 5 gameplay mechanics is much different than the other games.
You just need to practice.

You just have to practice, I’m very good on Halo 4 but on Halo 5 it’s a little bit difficult but it can work with more practice. Therefor, all you have to do is practice.

There are new mechanics this time around that take time getting used. I was the same way and now with christmas being over, I’m that way with about 5 games. You switch back and forth and it just confuses the hell outta your fingers.

It all just takes time. You won’t start off as the best player.

All of these responses are WAY nicer than I expected to see coming to this post. Yeah man it’s all about practice and knowing the maps. I went to MCC after Halo 4 and I couldn’t do anything, gametypes I used to have mastered I was failing at. On a side note, stop worrying about your KD, worry about whether or not you are having fun. I have had many fun as hell games with friends where I wasn’t doing so great. Also give Warzone a try if you havn’t. Easier to feel like you are accomplishing something if you’re struggling with arena.

Thanks everyone for the input

well it could be you and your just not used to the thrusts and stuff. but also in halo 5 its KDA.