Something we can all agree on. (Customizations)

So 343 claims they want to know more about what the fans want. You’ve heard us yell at you about some mistakes you made sure. But as the old saying goes, make enough noise and eventually someone will come to see what’s going on. That doesn’t mean they’ll listen though.
So what are things the community would like? The return of arena gameplay is definalty one. Balanced multiplayer and better graphics are another huge plus. Getting to try it all in a beta and listening to us SCREAMIMG about any mistake you make sounds like a good choice, not a fun one for you maybe. But as a game developer defiantly a good one.
So seeing as we’ll have to trust you with making sure the servers can handle the influx of players swarming in on December 29, 2014 for your 3 week beta. What else could fans possibly want?
For you smart -Yoinks!- out there who read the title good job on your detective skills. Yes. MORE customization. If you think I’m just some random demanding a change, take a poll and see how many agree with me.
Here are some changed I personally deemed not too crazy and totally possible. None of these options should change balancing btw.
So other than the options that were available to us in halo 4, like visor color, armor prices and whatever. Here are a few more.
-Chance thruster pack trail color.
yeah thruster packs are cool and all but seeing those blue lines all the time seem borimg… Let’s add some color to them :slight_smile:
from recruit blue to cosmic gold and all the colors in between.
-Assuming you’re keeping assassination animations in, what about new knives?
fancy curved space knives are nice but what if I want a old fashion styled knife? Or a nice strait blade on my back? Well? Think about it…
-Differnet under armor, you know those soft suits Spartans wear under the hard armor? Why not have slightly different variants of that? Making harder joints versions or striped ones? Why not poka dots??? Food for thought…
-Left handed Spartans!!! My personal most wanted one. Why can’t I have my spartan shoot left handed instead of only right? If I wat to feel like my spartan is like me. Why can’t I have him hold his weapon like I do? Left handedly!
-Different voices, and not just 3 or 4. With the power of kinect, why Can’t we record our own voices and throw them into the game for others to hear our call outs? It’s kinda cool of you hear your spartan sound like you saying “to the left! Sniper!” I think this would be awesome.

  • full emblem editor. Sure having your guys emblems there are great. But tired I grow of having to unlock some just to be able to make an emblem that’s just not quite how I like it. So why not let us create our own full fledged emblems? I know more than 95% would agree with me there.
  • More traditional looking armor, I’m sorry for your designers in halo 4 but those huge backs on the spartan 4’s looked completely ridcuilous and overall stupid. Even master chief didn’t look like himself anymore. I know it’s supposed to look more realistic but I don’t see the purpose of haveing to giant targets over your shoulders in real life. Not to mention your shoulder armors looked like someone glued a car side mirror to their arms. And the neck areas where so open and wide looking I thought an alien was gonna pop out of it any moment. Besides… I miss my rouge helmet from halo 3, and no one likes defender armor if you haven’t noticed.
    -be able to cancel ground pounds. I know I’m gonna try crouch jumping like crazy before I get used to clamber. So being able to cancel the ground pound would be marvouls.
    And that’s all I can think of for now.
    leave comments below and what you think about this. 343 thanks for being good sports In this time of game developers getting bashed left and right due to poorly made or delivered games. I understand it’s next gen but… Maybe try quinnchecking before launching a game in the future. I rather wait an extra 3 months for a good game than a glitched filled piece of garbage three months earlier that I had to pay for.

Thruster Color would be okay.

I’m hoping assassinations get removed altogether, so no knives.

I don’t see the point of different under armor, but okay.

Left Handed spartans makes sense, I believe we need more viewmodel options, including the ability to turn them off entirely.

Recording voices…no. Do not want to listen to a ton of squeakers shouting RAWKETS AT MED GO GET EM. Sorry-not-sorry.

Emblem editor would be alright.