Something to think about...

From the last Bulletin (3/7/12)…

“We aren’t going to go into detail about matchmaking systems or playlists for a little while, but there will definitely be options for traditional Halo fans to enjoy, and some very new experiences that we’re pretty excited about.”

I would bet that that means something along the lines of a “classic” and “modern” playlist. Technically speaking they’ve already attempted this in Reach. They have regular Reach, Classic and then Title Update playlists. They might not be as separate as people like but remember that Reach isn’t their game and they can only do so much with it. Or maybe they just don’t feel like it. But either way since they are the masters of Halo 4 I’m sure they’ve taken your Reach complaints into consideration so there is no real point is complaining now.

If I had to guess Halo 4 will be more like Halo 3. There will be a “Ranked” playlist for the competitive players and a “Social” playlist for the casual players. This would also mean that armor abilities might just be in the casual playlist because if you’re not hardcore competitive then chances are they don’t bother you. But they will be absent from the Ranked playlist because they don’t seem to want them.

That’s what I think anyways. They said traditionalists would have options so people should just hold back their complaints and chill out for a moment. But who am I kidding?

This is one of the quotes from Frankie that I’m really hanging on. If 343 pulls through and offers a great variety of classical playlists for competitive and casuals as well as playlists that are modernized with AA’s and perks for other casuals, I’d be very happy in the end. In every single interview I see, Frankie sounds extremely confident as though he has the solution to everything and he knows exactly how he’s going to regain Halo’s respect, but we’ll just have to wait and see how true that is.