Something That Would Be Pretty Cool

Full scale battles with vehicular combat galore… I know we’ve asked for them since what, Halo 3? This suggestion would most likely be more suited to Halo 5, assuming it will be on the Xbox 720, which will no doubt have the graphical and networking capabilities to support this.

I’ve always been a fairly competitive Halo guy. I tend to dislike vehicles in matchmaking, and I like the game being kept simple. However, recently I have been playing a lot of Battlefield 3 and Halo: Custom Edition for the PC. In Battlefield, I’m sure you all know that there are enormous maps, and jets, helicopter, tanks, and humvees constantly patrol the map, and engage in vehicular firefights. I’m not a fan of this in Battlefield (I stick to close quarters maps), but in Halo, a large, vehicular combat map would be great. The vehicles mechanics in Halo are better than any other console game in my opinion. It could work out rather well.

Yesterday, I was playing alone on Halo CE’s map, “Extinction”. This map (and some other ones in Halo: Custom Edition) features the following drivable vehicles:
Pelican (with tons of cargo seats)
Phantom, with multiple seats as well.
Longsword, a UNSC bomber that drops large bombs and has front-mounted machine guns
Seraphs, the flying covenant ships in Halo Reach’s space battles
Scarabs. You know what those are. It functions like it would in the campaign if it were drivable.
Human Scarab. I forget exactly what it’s called, but it’s pretty badass.

Driving the Scarabs around, and soaring across the map on the Longsword are a lot of fun, and got me thinking: Imagine if these were in an actual matchmaking game of Halo, and not just a user-created Custom map? The flying mechanics are a bit lacking, but give them the Reach Space Battle mechanics, and they’d be tons of fun. The only problems are how slow they turn, and how slow they fly; quite easy fixes.

Now, imagine the Xbox 720 can support 16v16 Halo games on Battlefield-sized maps. A Seraph soars by you, doing tricks, attempting to shake off your teammate, who’s in hot pursuit with a Sabre. a Scarab is to your left, and it just took out a friendly Pelican, attempting to drop off troops to seize the enemy flag. Right after that, a Longsword flies out of your team’s spawn, and you hear the noise of a bomb dropping. Soon enough, the Scarab bursts into sparks and blue flame. Your teammates in a Gauss hog are attempting to blow up an enemy Phantom, dropping off heavy infantry near your base. The Phantom’s turrets take out the man on the Gauss turret. You watch the heavy infantry get out of the Phantom with Overshields and Rockets, and you get a swift Double Kill with your Sniper Rifle. Vehicles could spawn outside the map, so you’d have to enter the map the way that Phantoms and Scarabs do in campaign mode. Pelicans, Sabres, Phantoms, and Banshees could spawn in the map, in the teams’ respective spawns.

Halo’s vehicles have always been pretty balanced. We’re rapidly approaching this idea, with some of the BTB variants in Reach. Giant vehicular battles are something we have to see by the end of the Forerunner Trilogy. Not just Huge Team Battle, with Scorpions and Wraiths being the largest vehicles. We need Seraphs, Longswords, Pelicans, and Scarabs to truly feel like it’s an epic battle. Thoughts?

Ah yes, Extinction. The biggest map ever in Halo Custom Editon that I’ve had way too much fun playing! The human “Scarab” is called the Mythos, by the way. :slight_smile: And you forgot to mention the human jet!

I would love to see an Extinction-esque map in a Halo game if it supported more than 16 players but, unfortunately, I’m not sure we would ever get to that. Halo’s main games revolve around 4vs4 battles, so all maps are designed to support 8 players. If we had maps that supported 32 players or more, it would somewhat remove the 4v4 aspect of Halo.

Well, I rather see Homefront sized maps, bigger then Halo but smaller then Battlefield, but instead packed with different environments so that even on a big map you can get cqc action. Further more, one map in Homefront is actually 3, since you move up/down to new territories depending on how the match goes, something like start on Sandtrap, win and move to Avalanch or loose and fall back to Valhalla ^^
32 player action, fantastic weapon balance and great vehicles, all that I had hoped for in Halo Reach/4, on dedicated servers even on consoles. :slight_smile:

I hope to see something similar in Halo 5/6, Dedicated Servers are a must, simple as that. Especially for BTB or even 32 players, but even small scale team slayer would benefit from it.
Well, vehicular combat in Halo has always been fun (pre Reach) and hope it will be again, that future Halos can bring something like the OP, multitude of vehicles and big scale battles. Both air and ground, both vehicle and soldier!
Add to this destructible enviroments like never seen before and we might have a winner :slight_smile:
One important thing is to balance the flyers, it’s very easy (see BF/CoD/reach) to make them way to good, so ground troops or vehicles stand no chance. Homefront managed to balance it, and I hope 343i manages too, we’ll see in Halo 4 no doubt ^^

Super BTB in Halo 5/6, yes please :slight_smile:

I know this is a forum from 8 years ago but, how many people do you think wanted something like this happening forever?

Yeah, don’t revive 8 year old topics please