Something that I found odd in Thursday War

I just finished thursday war and well there was something that I found odd.

during Infinity’s attack on Telcam’s forces I noticed there was no mention of energy shields for the former covenent vessels…Infinity used whats listed as its fourth weapon option, the howler class missles to destroy the ship…they do fire alot of them but there was no mention of an energy shield being blasted through first. Anyone with a good reason why?

They were in disrepair and probably didn’t have a working sheild generator or it was so weak it wasn’t worth mentioning.

I see it as two options:

  1. Traviss just didn’t bother putting in that detail

  2. Thel’s Cruisers might not have had energy shields. Most of the Covenant ships that survived the Great Schism, the Flood outbreak at High Charity, the NOVA Bomb incident, and Onyx were extremely damaged.

There was simply too much awesomeness for them to resist. From how it sounded, Howlers pack a bigger punch than other missiles we have heard of (and pods of them hold less, indicating they are slightly larger) and destroyed the ship with relative ease. Dat crash.

The Elite warriors didn’t seem to have any energy shields either in the Thursday War or Glasslands (going by memory)

Perhaps Traviss just doesnt like to mention them.

The more likely option which has been stated is that they didn’t have shields. However when I read it, I just figured the missiles were able to bypass the shields.