Something that I believe would be instrumenta

I think that it would be awesome if they made a traditional halo playlist, where there were only weapon drops and no personal ordinance drops. I think it’s essential to Halo to be able to control key points and know weapon spawn times in order to win the game. I like Infinity Slayer, but I’m not a fan of Slayer pro because they take off radar and armor abilities. I hope that they put this into a playlist one day. Anybody Agree?

Although I’m not to much of a fan of retro Halo anymore I believe the people that want it should be able to get it since it wouldn’t neccasarily be hard to do. Slayer pro seems like 343 just tried to make it as hard as possible to make up for it not being classical halo. but the competitive community is just as diverse as the casual and even those two catergories arern’t 100% accurate anyway there are people that like certain things and only this is real halo others don’t mind some new things. in an Ideal world 343 would talk to the competitive community and ask what they want and throw them a bone or two. But 343 has horrible communication with Halo fans.

Just something that I think would appeal to a lot of fans.

I want to hear more about what people think about this.