Something that bothered me

Why the heck did 343 have to add the 1999 Master Chief model to Halo 2 anniversary?? Honestly, I just don’t understand. Why not Halo 3? Or the OG Halo 2? Or CE?


People have been begging for new H2A for ages. That probably has something to do with it. Throw them a bone.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the armour finds its way into other games eventually.


Out of all the games in the Collection, Halo 2: Anniversary should have gotten content long before now, so I’m glad it got added to that rather than Halo 3 (which has enough content already).

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Yeah but to add precisely 1 new content to that game, that functions the same as the content they’ve been pouring into the other game, and not simply put it in both games?

And people have been asking for more Halo 2 classic stuff for just as long, something that was actually on the OG Xbox