Something strange...

First off, I feel compelled to state how proud I am of 343i after watching the newly released footage. It looks as though Halo 4’s shaping up to be an amazing experience…November could not come any sooner.

Anyway, while watching the MP/Spartan Ops B-Roll video (here) I noticed something odd flash up.
At about 1:21 in the video, the Promethean enemy teleports away, and as it does, we can see clearly that they also can use armour abilities!
Strange, huh…this should make combat a bit more interesting!

Seeing this, we can also tell that the game is based off of Reach’s engine (may have already been known, IDK). It boggles my mind that the game can look and play so different when the basic building blocks of the 2 games are so similar.

I know it’s not the most exciting find, and if this has already been seen then I apologise.

And I noticed from that screenshot they returned the cool looking front sight to the DMR and removed the ugly green lens from the scope. Thanks 343! :smiley: