Something Odd with Regen Field in Halo 4

Alright so I was playing Halo 4 War Games Matchmaking with cousin ,
Infinity Slayer on Haven to be exact , then when we get in a Regen Field , the sound is different for the entire game , not just until the Regen Field is gone .
That’s not the first time it happens and I noticed I wasn’t the only one .
So I’m guessing that’s a little sound glitch or something like that ?

Discuss ! :slight_smile:

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My answer : YES ! :smiley:

Happens to me every time I enter and leave the regen field. The only way to fix it is to enter it again to correct the sound bug. It’s quite annoying and I’ve learned to just avoid the regen field as much as possible. Pretty soon it’ll be like the power drain from Halo 3. Once you see it you back the hell up.

Ah ok . Well I do hope they fix that minor issue , cause it’s kinda annoying , especially if you are the kind of guy that has Turtle Beach headsets/special headsets. Also I really wanted to have Regen in my Big Team Loadout , but I guess I’ll just forget it for now , yeah I know , minor issue that can be easily igonred , but hey I’m picky and that noise is super annoying.