Something most of you seem to forget about betas

It’s a beta. Stop treating it like its a finished game you just spent $60 or more on. The game won’t be good if all of you are complaining about what’s wrong and saying that it’s bad because it isn’t like Halo Wars 1. If you don’t like the game, don’t go screaming about it. Make a comment on the feedback post. I trust Creative Assembly, since I love their Total War series.

This is also one of the most beta-esque Betas we’ve had on the xbox one. What we’re playing is the actual test for what’s to come. (Most other Betas we’ve had are totally near-finished games meant purely for teasing and play-value-hype) This isn’t produced as a teaser for the game, it’s to effectively solve problems and bugs. It isn’t polished at all. We’ve got to remain optimistic and provide feedback on things to change, not necessarily whine and complain.