Something I've always thought Halo needs


I don’t post here very often but thought this might be the best place to suggest the thing I’ve always thought halo could use (which it almost had in Reach firefight). So, let’s just launch right into it here…

Why doesn’t halo have a multiplayer practice mode? Something like firefight but where you can have basically bots on the multiplayer maps, to play against in numbers, difficulties, and types that you can customize, in order to learn how to handle the different game types, environments, and situations, as well as to practice your weapon usage, without havint to figure it out through customs or through matchmaking? Even if this is a single-player only thing, it would be highly useful to be able to set up scenarios (the more complicated the better), and use them to learn how to better strafe, better go for headshots, control maps, etc, without having to be out in the matchmaking sandbox to necessarily play with it. It would be a great way to test out and learn to use different weapons, as well as a handy warmup tool for when you want to grind out some matchmaking but don’t want to dive right in from the getgo. I know its not a “perfect” way to practice for matchmaking, but it would beat the hell out of trying to set up a target range of static targets to shoot at in forge world. Just a thought.

Bot matches are probably one of the most valuable things Halo could possibly add to itself because, never mind how closely a bot can resemble a human player, it would provide a great venue for Halo’s multiplayer combat to be enjoyed outside of the stupid and tedious realm of an online population. And games back in the late 90’s to early 00’s did have these (Counterstrike, Unreal Tournament, Timesplitters, ect.) But Halo didn’t and largely you might imagine for technical reasons associated with the rushed or otherwise problematic development of the first few games. Now its merely customary to focus on a human-driven multiplayer game mode (ie. matchmaking) and that’s created all sorts of self-satisfied statements about oh how “we don’t need them dumb bots” whose only purpose is to maintain the status quo for its own sake.

But those dim remarks simply enable games like Halo to routinely laze under the technological bar and to ignore one of the best possible formats for multiplayer and even co-op gameplay (a world where the opponents only function is to let you have fun.)

Seriously 343, -Yoink- them and finally fill in one of the more glaring deficiencies of CE. Hell Timegate did a great job honing perfectly adequate bots for Section 8 so what’s stopping you?

This would be welcomed by new/casual players easily. Could be a great addition.