Something is wrong with my csr algorithm

I play every day with platinum and diamonds. On my reset I was given a rank of silver 3. Discouraging but ok. I play with my platinum and diamond friends and compete at that level and go 20 game win streaks with great kda and scores and my csr does not move up at all. The moment I loose one match I get dinged half of my rank in csr points. That is a real morale buster and discouraging me from playing after getting busted down on one loss when I get no rewards during a 20 game win streak.

First up - don’t worry too much about your rank post placement. Over the course of just 10 games you rely a bit on luck (team-mates, opponents, quitters, favourite maps and game modes).

But your skill curve will still be wide and volatile. Your CSR starts off at the left hand side of this wide curve - so you have the opportunity to rank up. It’s 98% sure you ranks is actually a lot better.

I’m not sure your KDA and scores are as good as you think they are. Your overall KD is less than 0.6 - which is not going to help you.

And if you want to rank up you probably need to play some games without your friends. The way the system works doesn’t seem to favour the low hanging fruit in the stack - it kind of assumes you are being carried (unless your stats are very good).


First of all, thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate the insight.

I had further discussion with my friends in game tonight and I have found what we think is the problem.

The rank algorithm is based on kill count according to what I am being told.

I do not play for kills… well except for slayer of course. I am a team player that focuses more on the objectives. Holding the ball in oddball and dropping when I need to defend myself. Capturing zones and keeping them. Capturing the flag and protecting my own. I spend time protecting teammates so I get more assists than anything.

That said, Rank should be awarded to objective based players like me and leaders like me that call out all the time and direct other players where to go and what to do. That is how my fireteams reach the 20 game winning streaks we do against plats, diamonds and onyx. That is why I have so many high ranked friends that I play with. I make those call outs and give directions, and focus on the objectives of winning the match. They call it a utility player. These high ranked players chose to play with a silver like me because of my skillset so I should be rewarded as such and the ranking algorithm should take that aspect into account.

If you base rank on just kill counts, it is no better than the Vietnam War… which was lost. The rank algorithm should also take into account the amount that the player is meeting the objective as well. Like me. I am not focused on kill count.

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That’s part of it. We don’t know what exactly - or to what weightings.

And kills per minute is likely to be more the focus than K/D or KDA.

And we don’t know if or how they are applied across the different objective games.

The key, obviously is to win. And where you can make sure you have roughly the same number of kills as your team-mates.

But if you want to reduce it to just Slayer (where we all hope it has the most influence in your ranking) - you have a respectable K/D of just over 1. But that’s not putting any pressure on the system to rank you up. And if we look at kills/min (which is likely to be the key metric) you have quite a few games with single figure kills.

And I think that is where playing with higher skilled team-mates is probably hurts the lower ranked players. In Slayer they horde all the kills. You can still end up with a respectable (or even better) K/D or KDA - but they monster you in terms of raw kills per minute.

As for call outs - that’s a metric that is impossible to quantify. Except in the win ledger. I wish I had the skills and/or confidence to do it. My rank is probably suffering because I don’t contribute or step up in this regard.

And objective? Well that could get toxic real quick. Imagine having your team-mates stabbing you in the back just as you are about to cap the flag (so that they can do it themselves).

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No offence but you’re stats are terrible, so you have placed exactly where you should be…you can’t blame the game for ranking you low if you’re a bad player. The only way you will rank up is if you a) get better and b) change your style of play.

I really don’t want to berate you but when you have approx 0.6KD in overall, ranked and quick play with low accuracy too then that points to your own individual skill level than the game placing you in the wrong rank.

There is a time and place to criticise 343i, the game or the ranking system…but this isn’t one of them.

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It’s important in objective to stay alive in most scenario’s. Also to balance playing the objective and getting kills.

If you are rushing and grabbing the ball for 3 seconds and dying then you are doing your team a real disservice.