Something I was about gameplay wise

So I was thinking about Halo 5 and what’s gonna be in the game. I thought of this idea, I want you guys to tell me what you think of this. It would be a mix/mash-up of Equipment from Halo 3 with Armor Abilities from Halo: Reach and Halo 4. You don’t start up with it, it’s like Equipment. Once you pick it up, you have 3 uses of it like an Armor Ability, then after your 3rd use you don’t have it anymore, it will respawn in 30 seconds-1 minute like Equipment. If you get killed and you used the ‘Armor Equipment’ once or twice, the person who picks it up has 3 uses of it. What do you think of this idea, I wanna know your guys’ thoughts of this.

I’d really just rather have one or the other.

Armor Abilities as equipment doesn’t make much sense from a practical standpoint, and even then most abilities aren’t really powerful enough to justify being map pickups.

This could work for the abilities that basically are already equipment (Regen, Sentry, Hologram) but would be awkward for others (Jetpack, Hardlight Shield).

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What do yall think about this idea?