Something I noticed that is missing

Something I noticed missing was that I can’t see who is talking over the mic. I also can’t click on anyone profile to either add them mute them or block them via Halo’s scoreboard.

you mute from the scoreboard i think by pressing the pause button on it, and i cant really remember how to do it, as i’ve only done it once and i found it on accident.

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I don’t think I can at all.

Setting comms to friends only was the best thing I ever did in halo.
Nothing useful has ever been said down a mic in solo queue halo :joy:

You access this menu by pressing ‘THREE HORIZONTAL LINES’ and then ‘TWO OVERLAPPING SQUARES’ buttons on your Xbox controller or Esc and Tab I think. The game does a terrible job of giving the player information, which is surprising considering how cluttered the UI is. If your mic is plugged in, it defaults to on. People don’t know even that it’s on. I’ve had people in game reading my chats out loud, refusing their mic is on. You have to hold their hand through it and be patient.

Something that happened to me is match chat had to be enabled for fireteam chat to work. Also, The host/server/game repeatedly put our party in different squads after the game started. [I guess this could cause an issue with fireteam chat too but the bug happened even when we were in the same squad]

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