Something I noticed in the recent community update

Hello, in this weeks community update that recently dropped there were some interesting images involving forge additions (cryptic as usual) as well as an unnamed and furthermore unexplained concept piece that depicts a Spartan standing next to some sort of river or other body of water. I started to think about it and took a closer look at the background of that image in comparison to a layout map of halo reaches forge world. Notice how familiar that shore in the background looks, and notice the placement of that one large rock, along with the shallow water in which the Spartan is standing. This whole image looks a lot like the shore area connecting the central island and the blood gulch areas together in forge world. Considering it was said once by a developer that forge world was planned for release but was delayed till post launch in halo 5 (sorry, I don’t have the source) it wouldn’t be crazy to assume that forge world might be making a comeback in an upcoming update.

Link to update:

(plus the title of the community update is called hints and heroes and the title of the image when downloaded or whatever is “don’t decode this halo 5 teaser”)

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Bring in the GRD!

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> Bring in the GRD!

that would sure be interesting

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thank you, I was hoping someone would do that