Something I noticed in SpOps

Is that we never revisit anywhere we went in SpOps 1-5 in 6-10. Not even refuge or core which were good maps. Why was this! We ended up using MM maps.

I am glad they didn’t I was sick and tired of visiting the same maps over and over again. SpOps was probably the most disappointing thing about halo 4 for me. can’t enjoy it no matter how hard I try, if only you could turn on a checkpoint system if you wanted to go it solo then it would be worthwhile

Because people were tired of those maps.

Yeah there was even a cinematic (in the E3 2012 trailer) that featured Didact’s Promethean Knight tossing a Storm Elite around in the lava area.

It’d have been nice to have a 3 way war mission for Spartan Ops… Campaign only has 1 level and it’s not really done well, nothing noteworthy (where are the Hunters?! And where are the massive reinforcements?) and there’s very little options (besides run past everything as they fight).

Look at how fun anarchy is.