Something Funny Happened Last Night

Hey Waypoint,

I’m playing Team Regicide last night and I recommend playing with a full party of 4 because it eliminates random players which throw the game. One such example is (as of the time writing this post) my most recent game.

I’m playing with two other friends and a random player. The random player decides to team kill our King, team kill our teammates for their ordnance weapons (the ones picked up from when they spawn) and throw himself at the enemy to score 11-24.

After we promptly lose the game 650-510, I get a message “ur bad” from this random. Confused, I respond with “You team killed us, and single handily lost us the game by going 11-24.”

His response: “I team killed because your bad”.

My head is full of -Yoink- right now. I can’t understand why people act like this.

Sounds like you need to replace / or invest in a troll detector.

> Sounds like you need to replace / or invest in a troll detector.

Probably. But this isn’t the first time I’ve encountered randoms that throw the game like this.

Another game of Team Regicide last night, the player was the king and just kept running straight for their king and dying. You literally heard “Your king is dead” (or whatever the announcement is) every 30 seconds on Haven. He would not stay with the rest of us. We lost the game.

Another BTB game, my friend grabbed the tank, only to be EMP’d and plasma stickied by a random who apparently “had a bad night and needed to cool off”. We got owned by the gauss hog and lost the game.

I just don’t understand why people have to do this.

lol, I once had a guy send me a friend request before the start of a SpOps mission, then he spent the whole game destroying my mantis.


^ On purpose

Last night I had a guy on my team who couldn’t seem to understand that myself and our other teammate were hijacking Wraiths, because he continued trying to shoot us from his stationary Warthog turret. I think I had to blow him up 3-4 times.

^ Stupid, and also a mistake.