Something for developers to ponder

I rarely get involved with telling game developers what to do, especially when it comes to Halo because Bungie was incredibly efficient at pleasing the multi-player community. I’m now dealing with the fact the 343 industries has done such a great job reviving a franchise that was destined for extinction yet treating Halo as if extinction is out of the question. At your studio 343, you’ve taken all of the good aspects from previous Halos and added your own flavor to create something spectacular. However the same marketing tactics that franchises more desperate than one of such acclaim are now being induced. As a studio you must admit that given the source material you did not reinvent the wheel. You simply made the car fun to drive again. At the same time multiplier feels like Halo purgatory as the maps and modes rarely change. There are over 12 maps but the same 4 are put on loop regardless . Something even more aggravating is that you have released a map pack a month after the game has been released. Call me old school or call me cheap but I expect a game I purchase to be completed when I buy it. The original Halo was perfect in it’s original form and it didn’t even have live capability. Even with this disadvantage I’ve never heard an original spartan call for better or more maps. We had free reign to play our l.a.n friends in whatever mode we pleased. If you really want to be innovate as a studio and stand apart or above Bungie, allow people to search for custom games and types not dictated by your manifest. You can easily create a system that allows such forward thinking. I’ve spent some time developing games and know the stress that goes into perfecting every aspect that might disappointing a fan, but as you decree your studio as lucky “fan-boys” act more like it. I might be comfortable paying for a map pack six months after release but doing it one month after is a conspicuous marketing hit job. Is the franchise not successful enough? Why must those who have played Halo from day 1 without complaint pay the highest price? Get it together 343 and diversify the game modes, maps and variants or pay the price of losing those who will follow you onto infinity.


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