Someone Teach Me to Storm Rifle

I have been using the Storm Rifle recently and I honestly am lost as to how to go about effectively using it. Unless you land nearly every shot, the thing seems to overheat before killing an enemy. I was thinking about using it in conjunction with the Magnum with the Storm Rifle as a shield -Yoink!- and the Magnum for the finish.

Any ideas/tips?

It’s honestly not that hard, you use it like you would any other automatic.

Shield -Yoink!-? Perhaps if you USED the gun a bit more you’d know more about it?

It is slightly more powerful than the AR, but the spread opens/closes slightly faster. It also is NOT a hitscan weapon, like the AR. It is NOT more effective at destroying shields, that would be your plasma pistol, friend.

Because of the reticle spread speed, this weapon can be more effective with short controlled bursts. You’ll maintain accuracy AND your gun will overheat slower. The increased damage allows it to burn people down at close range. Super effective when combined with a punch (after burst).

If I heard correctly, 343 programmed the game so if your in a tight hallway like the ones on adrift, automatic weapons deal more damage and you might find yourself owning a bit harder. Or you’ll get owned by the DMR faster because the hallways are long… So much for that, hm?

Maps that change your gun damage; what was 343 thinking??

If you really wanna tear people apart, try the suppressor at very close range.

The AR is still the most accurate and reliable, you can kill with just 6 bullets and a punch at very close range.

Pretty effective but only in close range. I would recommend using in only CQC.

Ah, that’s the last part I forgot. Automatic weapons usually always lose to precision weapons at mid range or farther away. If your opponent lags and doesn’t nail the headshot, you will win.

To use auto weps effectively you basically walk at your opponent and pull the trigger. That means you become prime material for a headshot.

I find myself barely surviving scrapes with my DMR vs ARs… I guess that’s fair but it just adds to the problems lag causes.

Honestly it’s one of my favorite weapons its great with damage boost.