Someone should make a list of all the cross core options the bots have

We all know the bots partake in the forbidden fruit that is cross core customization, but has anyone actually sat down and broke down each bot, with what parts are cross core?

A list would be a good thing to have in case something “mysteriously” changes.


This needs to be done, everyone get to work!


Here’s the list

Bots have no limits.

It’s a flip 343 could flip at any time for people but they won’t unless they can monetize it heavily


Yes but just saying it doesn’t mean anything. We need the list of what each bot wears. Like “bot x wears:
Mark VII core
Air Assault (Mark V [B])
UA/M550D Halfplate (Mark VII)
Crescent Moon (Yoroi)

See what I mean?

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The whole entire point of me buying the $20 original armor was because I thought I could combine it with the $10 Cloud 9 visor and out the $10 Emile Helmet on it. They want profit and monetization? How about letting us combine whatever we unlock.

I wouldnt have bought the $20 armor if I knew I couldn’t us the $10 Cloud 9 Visor. I will never again buy armor until I can use everything I bought however want. What happens if I see something in the store that would look good with something I already have? I won’t buy it. Cause I can’t use it with what I have.


That might be available in the post game carnage reports if the game actually generates a profile for the bot and not just dump the data before recording it in your scoreboard.

Man, that’s so infuriating, they just put stupid limitations to the players, but the bots can so that literally possible in the game right now, they just prefer screw even the players who paid their mtx, I’m 100% sure that people who find that after paying their cosmetics, and wanted to do mixes (like me), will not want to pay any other bundle in the store, gg guys that’s how you make profit! That’s the first and last bundle that I’ll buy. What a stupid me.

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You are so right about that. All my friends feel duped by the BP and are completely ignoring challenges now. I don’t blame them at all.

Edit: But it sucks for me because I kinda like the idea of beating the challenges that no one else is because I’m a weird unique snowflake I guess :rofl:

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Yeah, maybe they will at least make the challenges system acceptable.
But right now I too ignore the challenges that are too annoying to do. I still do the “easy” ones.

That’s totally fair. Like I love getting Killjoy medals. So I’m looking forward to that challenge actually. However the core gameplay is so diametrically opposed to the challenges I get why no one does the more complex ones. Even the more complex challenges in MCC could be achieved organically.

An interesting thing of note; the bots can actually have no shoulder pieces, on both the Mark VB and Mark VII, similar to the default option in Reach, where the player can choose to not have any shoulder pieces at all. So why can’t the player do this? Or is it planned for later and I’m going to have to pay $20… to have no armor…?

Lol, it would be even more ridiculous, hard to beat what we have now, but it could.

All customization works cross core as seen in the waypoint app. It is just being currently withheld from us by 343 either because it isn’t finished or they are greedy and want to sell us multiple of the same thing.