Someone Put Halo for Mac

Dear Bungie / Microsoft/ 343,

I play on a M1 Mac mini, I have a huge -Yoink!- poster of John on my wall. Take my ducking money, I want to give you my money but you’re like Nah. If you put halo on a Mac I will delete my entire overwatch profile.

My battletag is Musclebeach#1663

I’m serious … I will give you my money if you do this! Please help me make this happen community.

CSU Pueblo
Criminology/Cannabis Studies

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Unfortunately, i dont think that will ever happen. Halo is owned by Microsoft, and will probably only ever come to Microsoft devices like Xbox and Windows.


@Seamonkeys_88, don’t give up hope…
maybe you’ll be able to play through browser streaming (xCloud available with Game Pass Ultimate).

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Think they are working on mouse/keyboard support too.


As @TJY1972 said they are working on it, so far the xbox cloud runs the console game versions hence why the need of a controller.

They said we won’t have to wait much for pc game version for keyboard and mouse.

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I mean…I suppose anything is possible but it’s not likely. We’re still waiting on Halo 5: Guardians to get a full release on PC.


I mean… the cost of porting the game over isn’t exactly the price of MCC. It takes people time to do these things, and they need to get paid.

I’d love for Halo to reach a wider audience, but the Mac Market isn’t really screaming “please give us Halo”. Now if Apple fronted the bill for development I can see it happening. Your best bet is to get a PC, or even cheaper: an Xbox Series X. If you’re truly desperate for something sooner than later, you can also take out a small loan and pay it back. (I did this to get a new PC last year)

To any 343 mods that see this, this definitely was not me that posted this, due to A. I don’t play on PC and B. I do not play overwatch. I just logged into the new waypoint and checked my profile to see that this has been posted under my name even though it is most definitely not me

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The halo waypoint forums hides your name every time you log in.

I posted the topic, the name is Richard.

I think I figured it out a bit, so what’s happening is people are logging into their own accounts, but the email is being set to undefined for some reason, so it’s just jamming us all into the same account and showing as having posted all this stuff because we have the same email, that’s as much as I can gather atm

it must be Cortona getting back at us.

I mean if you’re that serious you could try a VM but I doubt you’ll have any luck.


"dear: microsoft.

put your exclusive title on MAC."

I would definitely play it!

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Run the thing where you can run windows on Mac. From there you can download Custom Edition and project cartographer for free