Someone PLEASE explain how this XP Cap works

I just don’t get it… I mean I understand WHY it’s there, I just don’t understand how it works.

Thursday night I was playing all night (I’ve been cranking out DewXP, mind you) and at around 11:56pm I hit my cap. I kept playing anyway, and the next game ended after Midnight and I started gaining XP again, all was well with the world and I figured the cap lifts after midnight…

Saturday I hot my cap again at 11:45pm. So, naturally I kept playing thinking that I would start gaining XP again after midnight. Kept playing until 4am and still was gaining NO XP.

I got back on at 2:30pm when I woke up and I was gaining XP again, and I got less than ten matches in and they capped me again!!! And I couldn;t gain XP ALLLLL DAY. Finally at around 12:30am I started gaining XP again.

This whole system makes NO sense to me. Can someone please fill me in as to how it actually works!?

Wow, 10 minutes later and this is knocked back to page 3 without a single reply. Someone please help me figure this out :frowning:


Well I don’t know if this will help you at all but whenever I hit my cap I just go to do something else and play the next day after I wake up it hasn’t done me wrong yet. I don’t continue to play. Good luck and hopefully they get rid of it soon. Oh no one really seems to know much about the cap that’s why no one is really answering 343i didn’t say much.

I still enjoy playing, and yeah it sucked not getting XP, but that doesn’t mean I’ll just put the game down.

Plus, after I didn’t go to sleep and played the following afternoon it only gave me like maybe 7 games before they capped me again, and then I couldn’t gain XP all night until after midnight. BS if you ask me.


Still no one who can really offer any insight to this?

Man, topics get knock so far back so quick on this forum…

Nothing seems to work as intended. Why would you release an unfinished game? Seriously, the file search won’t even work until the end of the month? Waypoint stats go the the wrong page, kill cams are messed up. I have seen some bad launches but this is by far the worst. I love the game but come on.

As for your question I don’t have an answer, I have hit the cap once just like you at 11:50 pm and gained XP again the next match. It had a problem like it in Reach where I would get kicked out of a game and have to sit out for quitting too often when I hadn’t played in a week. Never did get an answer as to why it never reset.

Sorry I didn’t have the answer but at least I gave it a bump.

Here’s why nobody is answering. If 343 lets people in on the secrets of how every little thing works in the game it ends up getting abused faster. The longer it’s a secret the better. Put the game down and go for a jog noob