Someone needs a specializations code? UPDATED

Since trades are forbidden (I guess), I’m giving away my extra code, I have it already since I bought the LE :]
Just post here and I’ll be chosen a random winner, good luck.

EDIT: #12 its the winner : Zvartso, congrats :]

me pls

Would you mind giving it to me? Thanks.

I’d like it please :slight_smile:

Pick me!

I too would like it, but its only fair that it goes to the first post or whoever you choose.

Thx nonetheless

i would love one thanks for the opportunity

i’d love to use your code. you have the power to end this mental code-streak i’ve been on:)

Yum yum me please

can i have it plz dued

me please

I’m stuck at SR70 at the moment and I can’t do anything because I live in Switzerland. It would be much appreciated if I could get my hands on a spec code. :slight_smile:

I would really like to get that code :slight_smile:

Code…I sure do love me some codes

In five minutes I’ll be chosing the winner, so stay tuned people

I wish I had the power that this guy does

me plz

need code!

I would like it please, I’ve been stuck at SR70 for a while.

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