Someone make it make sense

and so annoying how that picture of cat ears was shown in store

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And the sheep came running

haha indeed XD a whole hoard with money papers attached to their tales, 343 took them and the sheeps were released with the cat ears, 343 ( the farmers ) placed them in the grass lands ( multiplayer arenas )

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That’s not what this thread is trying to accomplish.

If you’re talking to me, the answer is wired. Cat8 ethernet, and I run two identical wires from the same manufacturer to both console and PC.

Home network is 1 Gbps (933.92 Mbps right this second) down and 50 Mbps (32.42 Mbps right this second) up. “Fiber” but not pure fiber.

My lowest possible ping is 50ms on one of the two US East servers, the second US East server is 55ms.

I don’t always get my lowest possible ping though.

My ping is anywhere from 70ms-120ms on the rest of the US servers, 140m-180ms on the EU servers, 200ms-240ms on the Asia servers and 300ms+ on the ANZ servers.

I initially had Asia and ANZ reversed. I thought the servers in Asia were the farthest from me. It’s actually the ANZ servers.

The higher the ping, the more tolerable the desync is, in my opinion. I become a harder kill outside of NA if I get put on any of the other servers around the world. Above 200ms I call it “ping padding” where I can simply survive when I wouldn’t have on 100ms.

Desync is the most tolerable for me between at 50ms-70ms, infuriating at 100ms-180ms, and tolerable again at 200ms+.

I call it “ping padding”, because there are times in-game when I can simply survive and walk away like nothing happened but I wouldn’t have on let’s say 100ms or 120ms. I would have seen myself dying behind a wall on my screen.

All that aside, desync also seems to be inconsistent. It comes in waves even on the better servers. Sometimes the server just isn’t performing properly as though it’s overwhelmed with traffic. Which could be the case if the server is dedicated to more than just Infinite.

I just got around to addressing how higher ping, to a certain point, seems to worsen it until you’re pinging so high that it just doesn’t… I guess.

“Ping Padding” FTW?

I play on console and PC both.

Xbox Series S.

Wired controller, on a wired connection, 144hz on the MSI Optix G24C monitor and 120 fps in-game.

Textures downscaled to 360p from the looks of it.

Other than the difference in resolution/texture quality I haven’t noticed a performance difference from PC to console as far as desync and input delay go.

Current PC Specs (not sponsored by CoolerMaster, I swear)

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X (stock clock, never creeps over 45% utilization even with Infinite and OBS running)
CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240 Illusion (CPU needed to be cooled, room needed some RGB)
MSI B550 Tomahawk (yes, the BIOS is up to date)
32GB G.Skill TridentZ Neo DDR4 3600Mhz C16 (XMP enabled, who needs RTX when can just add more RGB)
1TB WD_Black SN850 PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe (boot/game drive, gaming mode enabled)
4TB WD_Black “Gaming” 7200RPM HDD (storage drive, pretty straight forward)
MSI Radeon RX 6700 XT MECH 2X 12G OC (stock OC, hits 80-90% with just Infinite and 99% if I add OBS)
CoolerMaster MasterBox TD500 Mesh (airflow for temps and third installment of RGB)

I also replaced the 3 stock 120mm case fans and the 2 fans that came pre-mounted to the AIO with 6 of their MasterFan MF120 Halo fans.

Front and bottom (PSU fan) faces of the case are intake, rear and top (AIO) faces are exhaust.

Same wired controller that I use on console, identical monitor (I have a dual monitor setup) and the same network conditions right down to the wire. Literally… They’re 2 identical wires from the same manufacturer just like my monitors.

I get around the same amount of crashing and desync on PC and console both.

The only difference is that on PC I’m playing 1080p at 144 fps instead of 360p at 120 fps.

It looks better, that’s all.

What does shame feel like, exactly? I don’t remember how to feel the feelings.

My theory is that the game throws a random (yet specific) number at you, based on your location, so that you think you’re playing on lower ping than you actually are.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes ping will literally jump up and down by like 50ms sometimes?

At the start of the game you’re at 100ms, then all of a sudden mid-game the UI says 150ms on that same server. 2 minutes later it fixes itself in the UI and shows 100ms again.

So which server am I really on, the one giving me 100ms ping or the one giving me 150ms ping?

Can’t be bouncing between the 2 servers because you can’t switch servers mid-game. You would just disconnect and be sent back to the lobby with an error message.

Is the UI ping a lie like that old cake from 2007-2008?

Sad but true.

Nothing will get fixed that doesn’t does’t pad their wallets and let’s face it, the people buying cat ears don’t know what desync is or that other games don’t suffer from it as severely as Infinite.

The newcomers just think that this is Halo.

I’m taking this out of context for the purpose of the joke, but that statement right there isn’t a negative. If desync can replace the common sense that’s missing from ranked then it’s welcome to stay. I changed my mind :rofl:


This is what cheaters answers…. People try to make you believe blocking your dns works like a regular vpn :joy::joy: if you expose him he will simply quote a little part of your message and answer something not funny and out of context. We could debate on the real effects of what they call with a cute name “geo filter” this kind of people are litteraly crying because they cant block your dns….

I can concur. I’m on wired connection and fluctuate between 12 and 40 ping. I still die behind walls at least once every single game.