Someone make it make sense

With desync being a very prevalent issue in the game… Why do we not have server select or rewritten code yet?

It’s literally made to “favor the shooter”, and by that they mean which ever client communicates with the server first (which ever play has lower ping).

So someone make it make sense to me.

Disregarding EU, ANZ and Asia players. EU, ANZ and Asia all have their own servers that they would connect to if there weren’t such drastic population issues in their regions. We’re not talking about those servers. Strictly NA servers and the players that would connect to them under normal circumstances.

Where I live in Canada, the closest server to me is 50 ping. That’s the absolute lowest possible. There are people in the US, farther from the Canadian border who are connecting to servers that give them 10 ping.

Why and how can 343 claim that me, in Canada, connecting to their 10 ping server which gives me 80-100 ping, is more fair than me forcing the game to be played on the server that gives me 50 ping and them 40-60 ping.

That’s a 10 ping gap, vs a 70-90 ping gap. On a game that’s literally made to favor the player with the lower ping.

This is why on your screen, you could see yourself in a fight where you think you should trade. You shot him the same amount of times he shot you but because he has lower ping, the server registered his shot and gave him the kill. Your shot comes in and the server literally throws it in the trash because the other guy got there first.

So explain to me how me forcing the 10 ping player, to play 40-60 ping vs my 50 ping, instead of my 80-100 ping vs his 10 ping is more fair?

If you’re going to block geo filtering, and still refuse to give us server select, knowing full well the game is designed to act this way and handicap the higher ping player - then why has the code not been rewritten yet in such a way that when the second shot with the same time stamp as the other player’s shot comes through to the server, the server spits out a trade?

If the timestamps are there and the shots were fired at the same time, within milliseconds of each other then it shouldn’t matter who has 10 ping and who has 80 ping. If the time of the input from my controller and his controller are within 5ms of each other, the ping shouldn’t be the deciding factor. The timestamp from the input should.

The hit marker still showed up. I shot well within the time frame of his shot even if he was a hair faster on the trigger physically, that the bullets hit him. His shot shouldn’t cancel out my shot and let him live just because he’s next door to his home server and I’m half a country away, in another country.

Where’s the trade?

Make it make sense. You can’t.


Literally just uninstalled due to desync, game is highly unplayable DOESNT matter what ping I’m on 20-40 usually yet I’m being killed behind walls??? Melees still not registering, and the fact these incompetent buffoons at 343 haven’t allowed server selection is just laughable they clearly don’t care about what we say and want so I’m over it, this game can die peacefully now :slight_smile:


may i ask are you using a wired connection or wifi

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50 is low this issue is so much worse than even the OP made it look. So sad.


Are you on an Xbox One original, an Xbox One S or an Xbox One X?
An Xbox Series S or a Series X?
Or on a PC?

Because if you are on the Xbox One or Xbox One S, you are SOL dude.
Weaker consoles that chug to run the game.

Idk what’s up with 343, but the lack of this game has me suddenly excited for the new Call of duty game.

Like at least with COD my expectations are low but they are consistent in what they deliver with these modern warfare games.

I’m actually a bit excited to just go back to grinding to prestige my rank several times over you know an actual progression system.


@Simmons_S216 mw2019 was great and if the rumours hold true the level editor and campaign for mw22022 should be kickin, moreover sounds like the marketing is pushing a greater team focus than prior titles so i think its totally cool to be interested in cod this year, even if infinite was the second coming of christ at spring break.

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“We don’t want players to lead their shots!” Honestly, I’m fine with leading my shots if it means they actually land where they are supposed to, leading shots require more skill than a regular hit-scan anyway!

Its like all their explainations for desync is either
Never meant to be issues, yet here we are
Trying to justify a bad system


They just want you to buy cat ears with a bad ranking system. Nothing more


Its just me of this guy is here crying while trying to call DNS block by " forcing " or the gentle name " geo FILTERING"
Bro you are not forcing shhhhhh lmao that guy
You are a cheater blocking other people dns and if you cant play the game you should ask why they dont want to create a dedicated server for CA or maybe simply you are a peasan and thats nice ! you can be edgy saying we live in concrete and its better to be surrounded by nature etc BUT you dont have good connection where you are
It is what it is
Blocking other people dns is cheating; stop crying cheater. change game

You are a cheater and you should be ashamed

Yup. I often get worse desync on games that I have lower ping.

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Care to explain the mysterious 3 post rant?

In a coherent manner?


Only the hierarchs may decipher the ancient texts young ship master.

The current season has certainly been less stable ive seen it said in other places and ive noticed it myself.
It cant be down to population, surely? Not this soon.


Ahh yes the hierarchs.

Hopefully they can fix the desync mess soon.


Good ones okay okay You got me laughing : D " the ancien text young ship master" hahahaha its too much for me Im dying


I am finding that amongst other problems, teleporting has become a major issue for me, I have not experienced it like this for years. It messes with my brain, trying to run through a door only to find myself banging into a wall somewhere, running up to someone to melee them and they disappear completely, and then I find myself somewhere else again, totally disorienting.

Only this game …

All network applications have problems here and there, that’s to be excepted, but what I get in this game is a whole new level of bad. Just because there are some people that Supposedly aren’t experiencing problems, the fact is, the majority of people are. I did not have these particular problems in 343’s Halo 4 or 5, so why this game?

There are other games with this level of mess and look what happen to them and the franchise legacy. I’m in Western Canada, I have fiber GB up and down, video conferencing around the world, no problems. If it was on my end I would be able to reproduce the problems while using other applications or playing other games.

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The lower the ping the higher the desync :joy::joy::joy: do you have any idea as to why that is?!?! It’s super frustrating when ping is low but the game doesn’t honor that :skull:

We need to start complaining that the store is suffering from desync. Bet it gets fixed then. Not sure how to rationalize the logic of it tho haha

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“Desync is preventing me from standing in the middle of the map so others can admire my swag and I can pick up Egirls till its fixed so wont be buying more wag with my cash money dollar dollar bills yo.”

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