Someone made an Apocalypse tank mod: now I want a grizzly tank in infinite

video link above, this mod shows that a grizzly tank is possible in halo infinite and might be a really good Scorp variant especially if it was a rare varriant or loot cave vehicle.

The grizzly tank in halo base.

For infinite it would have 2 seats like any other tank, the difference is the MG gunner is in the turret and has the ability to fire their MG or fire surface to air missiles (can dumb fire against ground targets) While the main gunner has the dual cannon.

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Im so happy to see this
Only complaint about the apoc tank is that it moves too quick

Agreed, a more fitting one would be slower and heavier.

Another mod the guy made, is an automatic tesla weapon with a grenade launcher. the fact that this even exists makes me want an Ma40 with GL as a loot cave gun.