Someone is using my account to post things

Someone using my account “Put Halo for Mac” the topic in the General Discussion! And they also posted this “To any 343 mods that see this, this definitely was not me that posted this, due to A. I don’t play on PC and B. I do not play overwatch. I just logged into the new waypoint and checked my profile to see that this has been posted under my name even though it is most definitely not me”

The log in activity was from different countries over the past 4 hours and I have not logged into waypoint for a long time and wanted to get help on some achievements. What is happening and has this happened to anyone else? I am so confused. :frowning:

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Change your password m8 lock them out if you can


For sure change your password! If your account has been compromised its about the only way to secure it again.

Out of curiosity, what achievements?

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Change your password as soon as you can.

Go to and take action.

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Same thing happed to me when I first came on. Showing posts I had never posted and when I came to the forums I can’t remember the name but it was some guys profile pic. It kind of freaked me out so I logged out and changed my password. Now my account is back to being me. Hope you work it out.

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This issue is known to 343 and is being actively investigated


I am missing " DON’T TOUCH THAT!" achievment on Halo Reach, and getting a Perfection on Mythic for Halo 3 and also double kill with a spartan laser and an overkill.

Happened to me the day of the update as well. It seems to have resolved itself though and I don’t think it was intentional on the other persons behalf.

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What the heck. This is my account.

As noted above already 343 are aware and tracking this issue


Bro this is my first time on but some how I have posted from England and I like in the US WTF is going on

My account is tacollama why am I this person

Aninjagaurdian I’m sorry but I don’t know how this is happening

Please don’t post multiple times in a row, thanks. As I have already mentioned - this is a known issue that is being actively investigated


Nobody will be logging into your account - I imagine there’s just some funkiness going on with the CMS/forum and XBL data. The issues here will be solely restricted to this forum and this forum only. Again, as I said, it’s known and being worked on


This is absurd, the person who made this thread is not me. I am PIX24, an old waypoint member with a number of contributions over the years, especially to the universe section, and this is my xbox gamertag. Good to know someone is working on fixing the issue.

*This is the only post in this thread and on the new forum made by the real PIX24… I hope they don’t write any silly things against Halsey under my name.

I think something is up because for the first time in years I have gotten on Waypoint, and it says I have been making posts. My gamertag is a_cheap_jerk and I most certainly have not been using these forums, because for a while I was banned from even doing it. What the -Yoink!- is this?

As noted a little earlier in this thread, it’s a known issue under investigation.

I know I just wanted to complain

Hi everyone, Drac015 here (the actual owner of the account) . Just logged into the new Waypoint tonight after a VERY long hiatus. Needless to say, I’m shocked. I hope you guys that were effected weren’t too bothered by the wonkiness done. In fact someone just posted three hours ago in my name. Getting this taken care of now. Stay safe out there everyone!