Someone help me please :) specs & venator RPT

Hi at the minute im trying to get my hands on a venator raptor armor skin code. Id really love one as its my favourite armor & also i need a specilisation code. If anyone has either of the codes free or any other armor skin and feels gold hearted id really appreciate it if you could send me an email or message with them thanks :slight_smile: xbox gamertag: LOLA BLiTZ3R Email :

I dont really care for the Venator Armour but the Venator Visor is what I like more but if I had a code I would help you thats why I ended up buying the Limited Edition sorry about that =)

Why not max out your assassination commendation. There you go free venator

When you finish the Assassin Mastery, you will get the armor.

Also, specializations will begin being released starting Monday, January 21st. They will be released two at a time (weekly). The first two being released are Pathfinder and Pioneer.


Just max out the assassination commendation for free Venator, the pre-order one is just a skin.