Someone explain to me the $60 price tag of Campaign

  • Halo CE launched at $49.99 USD for a single platform, which is $78 USD today.

  • Halo 3 launched at $59.99 USD for a single platform, which is $80 USD today.

  • Halo Infinite is launching at $59.99 USD for the campaign on two platforms (AKA $45 in Halo 3 money) which likely contains more content than several of the previous games combined, along with a F2P Multiplayer. So you don’t have to buy the whole package to play

As @Ken highlighted, you can’t crunch your way to a target like you could back in the day. Not to mention online services require way more ops costs than they used too, even with it being a MSFT 1st party and Azure etc.

If you’re questioning the cost, then don’t preorder it. Wait and see if it meets your expectations according to journalists.


If I can put hundreds of hours into Infinites campaign and it has tons of replayability, like a single player RPG, then I might change my opinion.

Not necessarily. If Halo Infinite sells 10 million copies (which is already a very good number) and every copy is sold for $60, they make 600 Mio. Overall the rumored costs for Halo Infinite were 500 Mio. So we are at 100 Mio. profit. But that is only if they really manage to sell that many copies. If they sell only 2 million copies less, they are already at a loss. It is high risk. Plus we have to take into consideration that not every copy of the game sells for full price $60. After a few weeks or months the game is already only half the price or even less.
I would willingly pay $80 or even 90$ if the game is polished, finished and has no or minimal microtransactions.

How do they ‘take’ our pennies?

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I still vividly remember buying Tony hawk pro skater 2 for the N64 for 70 (cad) … More than 20 years ago. The games are the same price now.

Look at THPS2, look at halo infinite, look at inflation over those more than 20 years. And now look at how much a movie ticket costs. Anywhere from 12-16 each, for on average < 2 hours of entertainment.
If the campaign is more than 5 hours of entertainment, you are already getting better value than a movie ticket.

But at the end of the day, you decide if it brings enough value for price. I would gladly pay the full price (if not already subscribed to game pass). There are many popular games that people pay 70 for that I wouldn’t pay 5 for… Why? Not because the cost is a “rip off” but because I wouldn’t get my moneys worth because I don’t enjoy that particular type of game to that level. IMO halo campaigns (let’s ignore H5 though) easily rival many single player games in quality and exceed many in replayability


Short answer is fans are going to be pretty disappointed with all the hype around the Campaign. It’s going to be no more than the quality of a $20-$30 expansion that many games receive. (343i were building the game from the ground up, which means it will seem “unfinished” just like MP was)

On the bright side, at least there’s the potential of handing off a rocket to a marine only for him to shoot a tree and betray the entire squad, which actually did happen by a content creator already.

By taking customization which we’d normally get all of for the price of the game and selling at separately at inflated prices. Not to mention straight up removing certain aspects of customization to make their story bought items seem more appealing. These are predatory monetization practices. Maybe you disagree, but that’s how I see it anyways.

That doesn’t take my money. If I’m displeased enough, I could just not buy anything. And I’ll still play the game.

Except distribution has become cheaper due to digital sales and overall volumes have increased because gaming has become more popular, so 60$ is still making bank. Example: Doom Eternal

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