Someone explain to me the $60 price tag of Campaign

Well, I guess it’s up to the individual to decide if the campaign is worth the price tag. If the campaign is more expansive, high quality, takes longer to complete (15-20 hrs), and has more replay value than the other campaigns, then in my eyes that would absolutely fetch that price. Are games like Bioshock, the last of us 2, God of War not worth $60 in your opinion? The Halo Infinite campaign is a different experience, you are also welcome to wait to purchase it when the Co-op release which is the only campaign feature I’m aware of that is missing.

I hear your concerns about the f2p model for multiplayer, but I think the pros outweigh the cons. I’ve already seen the upside by being able to convince two close buddies of mine to give the multiplayer a try and now we have two new Halo fans. I can tell you having to convince them to pay $60 to try a multiplayer they weren’t sure they would like would have been impossible. Halo had been on a downward trend traffic-wise since reach so thinking that charging $60 for the full experience considering what the competition is doing would have been a grave error by 343. The f2p model ensures the game will keep a healthy population of players for a longer period of time. All they have to do now is listen to feedback, smooth out the monetization experience and we should have a Halo that can stick around for the long haul.

Games have been extremely popular for a very very long time. We are nowhere near the point where the increase in production costs beats out the $60 price tag and having 0 profits.
I’m curious what you’re basing that opinion on. What sales numbers are you estimating etc? What total cost for production? What profit per disc sold etc? I get that you don’t like that the world has changed, but things are vastly different than they were 20 years ago. A price that was feasible twenty years ago isn’t going to remain feasible as prodcution costs increase, as the dollar holds less value, as shipping costs increase, and particularly now when material costs are up due to the pandemic. Nothing else costs what it did twenty years ago, yet you expect this one thing too for…reasons?

Charging the same price for a game that is missing literally HALO defining features.
Except it isn’t? Two things are delayed, but there isn’t anything missing. And if that really is your sticking point. Wait till those features launch.


Why not? What are you comparing it to in terms of price?

A lot of people say it’s “a third of a game purchase” (often over a game they downloaded for free), but the fact they want it that badly justifies the price.

In terms of supply and demand maybe, but in terms of ethics, think again. One thing I hate about how modern economics is taught is that the only law people are taught to care about is money. But that’s not the only thing that matters, and when you nickle and dime people maybe you’ll make more money, but you’ll lose their respect, and rightly so. Are we supposed to enjoy being taken for every penny? I don’t think so.

Gamers appropriating terms fit for cases of essential purchases is a sign of lost perspective. There’s a reason you never hear about this kind of argumentation in regard to toys or a nifty jacket, but rather water or healthcare.

A game company can’t “nickel and dime” us. All we have to do is not buy a skin, XP boost, battle pass, etc.

You know exactly what I mean by nickel and dime. Stop being obtuse.

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It’s called a 10-year platform with a large DLC plan.

I would argue that with the uprising of the digital download, games theoretically could cost less these days, not more.

For the most part, more and more people are buying their games digitally, meaning that is less money they need to pour into manufacturing game boxes, game discs, etc.

Perhaps this is offsetting the increasing costs of producing high def video and audio, keeping game prices stagnant, rather than ever-increasing with each generation.

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On a positive note - they would rather delay the coop mode than release it as is.

They certainly cost less once initial costs are recouped at least.

From what I saw in Skill Up’s preview vid it looks rather mediocre. Time will tell, but I hope it turns out to be good. Still isn’t worth $60 since they gutted MP to monetize the game.

I know what you mean. I’m saying it’s misapplied.

I disagree. And I think you’ll find it’s applied all the time to things that aren’t food and water. I think the publisher is trying to get every penny out of us without caring about what we want. I think people’s concerns over this are just.

We can talk theory all day, but the reality on the ground is games costs more to make and gamers are against actually paying more up front for these high def 4k dolby surround experiences. Where does that leave us? Battle passed and $20 skins.

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I’m not observing that it’s applied to a bunch of other industries.

Really, I’ve seen it applied to pretty much every walk of life where people feel they’re being taken for every penny possible. Which is happening here. The concern isn’t to make a good game that players will play for decades. It’s to take every penny they can regardless of if it’s worth it. Why do you think they stripped out armor colors? It’s obvious it was obviously so people would pay for something they used to get for free.

Uffff… some people are really lacking some basic economic facts.

Why the campaign cost $60? The simple awnser is: because they know people will buy it, thats why some t-shirts cost $100 and others $20 even if they are made in the same factory.

They would lowered the price if they really felt that people wouldnt get it, but the fact is the following: the poeple that are not willing to pay the full price will play the game on Gamepass, and the people that want the campaign are willing to pay that much

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Would pay $100 for a fully feature-complete game with a well-designed UI/UX and unlocks through the campaign and multiplayer achievements like the old games.


10 Year game, also first open world Halo. Why are open world RPGs $60? They have no forge or multiplayer. If halo had enough recognition to not have been F2P MCC would have been on top of the steam charts this entire time.

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  • Halo CE launched at $49.99 USD for a single platform, which is $78 USD today.

  • Halo 3 launched at $59.99 USD for a single platform, which is $80 USD today.

  • Halo Infinite is launching at $59.99 USD for the campaign on two platforms (AKA $45 in Halo 3 money) which likely contains more content than several of the previous games combined, along with a F2P Multiplayer. So you don’t have to buy the whole package to play

As @Ken highlighted, you can’t crunch your way to a target like you could back in the day. Not to mention online services require way more ops costs than they used too, even with it being a MSFT 1st party and Azure etc.

If you’re questioning the cost, then don’t preorder it. Wait and see if it meets your expectations according to journalists.