Someone explain the melee in H2A

I’ve 3 shot someone and did a jumping beatdown and all it did was take down his shield.

I beat someone down twice, only took them to no shields.

I have no idea how it works anymore. It’s essentially useless. Why did they make it like this??

It requires 3 melees to kill. I think it’s based on momentum, that’s what I heard.

Moving melees are more powerful than standing melees.

There is no bleed through with the BR in H2A, so because those three bursts dont completely eliminate the shields the melee simply finishes depleting the shield leaving them full health (Feel free to correct me here if I am wrong). I have noticed though that there are other weapons where the bleed through works just fine.

The melee has always been a 3 hit kill in Halo 2, but I believe like someone pointed out momentum can cause the melee to do more damage resulting in a 2 hit kill. I personally don’t see it happen often though so I would just keep the mindset that it’s always a 3 hit kill, just in case.

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> Moving melees are more powerful than standing melees.

n jumping melees r more powerful than moving melees