Somebody thought this makes sense

There is Slayer in Quickplay.

In which corporeal dimension does this make sense? Who looked at this and thought it’s fine? Who had the infinite wisdom to leave Slayer in Quickplay, when there are like 4 Slayer-Variants (including vanilla) present in the game now? Lord help me, I can’t.

I don’t see the problem. TS is always part of the Arena playlist rotation.


The other 4 Slayer Variants that you can directly play are not enough, no? We also need to cram it into the few Playliststs that have the potential for objective-based modes?

… I mean who would want to play objectives? Silly me.

I really don’t understand your problem tbh…TS is part of the Arena playlist rotation along with objective game types such as CTF, Oddball and Strongholds. It’s part and parcel of the Arena playlist regardless of the new TS slayer variants:

TS: yes it’s a Team Slayer only playlist (which 343i have been massively criticised for not including at launch).

FFA: speaks for itself and I assume objective gametypes may be added in the future.

SWAT: they can call it Tactical but it will always be SWAT…and it isn’t Team Slayer!

Fiesta: a -Yoink!- child of TS that should never have been born but it’s popular fun as an RNG mode for the casuals.

So if you really want to analyse things…the only real Team Slayer is Team Slayer…and that’s just one of four new playlists.

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Quick play is supposed to have games like that. QP was built on Slayer.


This is THEE biggest mistake ever made in Halo history. 343i should be ashamed, commit Seppuku, then they need to hire a completely new company that will do a better job of listening to fans.

Oh and I forgot to mention I’m uninstalling.


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Do you know the word redundant?
If you want to play Slayer, choose Slayer from the menu.
I can’t stand this mode being shoved down my throat anymore, I am sick of it, it’s all I get! It makes no sense to include it into Quickplay because you can already literally click on it in the menu when you feel like it. But thank you for breaking down the game modes for a Halo Player since CE and with 100h in Infinite.

Since you cannot see why the 4 modes you so colorfully described to me aren’t Slayer Variants, I don’t think I can help you.

“Hey in SWAT you kill with one headshot! That is totally not Slayer - a kill-based mode.”

Edit: Listen man, I know I am coming off pretty negative right now, apologies for that. I just can’t stand Slayer anymore. Until Team Skirmish is finally added Quickplay could have served as a band-aid by simply removing Slayer out of rotation. There is currently no place for me to go to purely enjoy some objective-based arena fun. It’s all about choice and I am robbed of it.

I sort of understand your point but at the same time you have to understand Slayer was always an integral part of matchmaking.

Perhaps the devs should re-introduce Map\Game mode vote system into Quick Play playlist.

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Finally, someone gets it. I am not asking for it to be removed from the game, I simply don’t want it to take up space anymore in the few instances I get the chance to play an objective mode.

Infinite is incredibly lean in terms of modes available in matchmaking. MCC would obviously be the gold standard to copy here. Let me play Griffball, Race, King of the Hill, Infection, and all these other modes that go beyond getting more kills than the opponents.

If they added an objective playlist, then QP would just be a “I’m not fussed what I play I just wanna get in a quick match” playlist, and it would just drop you into any available game. I don’t mind the idea of QP. Personally I’d have what MCC has, it’s pretty much perfect for searching for what you want to play.

Quickplay is quickplay. It’s not Team Skirmish. Why wouldn’t it have Slayer in it?

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