Somebody get 343 a dictionary

Apparently a multimillion dollar company with hundreds of employees doesn’t understand the meaning of some pretty simple words. You see, 343, the word complete, as in “complete 3 attrition matches”, means you finish 3 games, win or lose. It doesn’t mean win 3 attrition matches. So why is it that I’ve played 4 attrition matches in a row, and only the 2 I won have counted have towards my challenge?


they want you to use those challenge swaps man, buy them up consume them considering there only now disabling btb challenges after the btb has been broken for over a month should tell you all you need to know

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The challenge system is broken dude. It doesn’t track your progress half the time.

I played a few slayer matches and got kills, and the challenges didn’t progress for “Win 2 matches of Team Slayer” or “Get 20 kills in Team Slayer”

Earlier it only tracked 3 of my 7 bulldog kills the other week when it gave me the challenge of “Earn 10 kills with The Bulldog.”

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The tracker is sometimes off, regarding the challenges. I’ve experienced it with BR kills, kills in general, assists and such.

I noticed the other day that occasionally a match will end and not track any stats. This usually shows a blank stat screen after the game is over. When this happened, the challenge also was not tracked.

I’m not sure if that’s you may have experienced, though

There’s another challenge that says complete 3 Attrition matches. I had them both and was wondering why one would increase and the other stayed the same. Until I finally won a match and watched it change.

I reported it as a bug.


Its more likely that your challenges are not tracking…to solve this, instead of hitting “play” (or continue if you like) after completing a game , come out of the playlist and then select that playlist again and then hit play. I found this to work 100 percent of the time towards challenge tracking

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It’s clearly a bug. I just got the same one again for the final cyber challenge. It says complete Attrition games, but only counts if you win.

There is ANOTHER challenge that says complete Attrition games, and that one works for just playing the match.

They need to fix the first one to say Win Attrition Matches.

Again, already submitted a bug report with the images

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As annoying as not gaining any points in FFA if you win, only if you lose

I had the challenge “win 4 attrition matches”. It counted my successively 4 matches for the challenge. Won 2 lost 2 matches. Challenge completed :grinning:
Honestly, its the truth


Yeah-- the ultimate weekly challenge counted completing matches as wins, so I guess it evened out for me lol.