Some Unlocked Items are Locked

I’m lvl 29, halfway to lvl 30 and noticing that the following items, which should be unlocked are still locked for me:

MAT-2550/Grenade Pack attained at Lvl 9 - Locked and can not equip
UA/Relikit Cuirass attained at Level 8 - locked and can not equip

So far those are the only one’s not unlocked.
Maybe they weren’t in Battlepass during first Flight, which I played and got to lvl 16.

Update, I’m now lvl 30. Both items remained locked for me. Both were unlocked during last flight.
Added screenshots over on my Twitter

I have several things i want to equip from last flight that are locked. Weird part, ibhad them both selected last flight, bracer wrist and the grenade pack for the hip. Kinda annoying. Im lvl 30 as well

Same here- think I got to level 15 last flight and all the items that weren’t on the pass last flight that got added to levels that I had already unlocked I can’t equip, the grenade hip attachment, the cuirass, and the buckler wrist attachment, really sucks cuz those are my favorite hip and chest pieces available right now and there’s no other wrist ones lol

There are a lot of items I have unlocked that I cannot equip. I also tried via the Waypoint app and that wont let me equip stuff either. I figured by now that would be patched but I am assuming it is currently too low on their list of things to patch. So I have a lot of stuff I unlocked right now but cannot use. They are right to focus patching efforts for more important parts of the game rather than worry about some cosmetic unlocks at this time. However, I DO hope that by the time the game launches, that they will have the customization stuff ironed out. Would be a shame to have delayed an entire year to still launch broken. That considering the fact that they are delaying other parts of the game and already cutting out some pre-planned content (I believe I read that in a previous blog post), it would be baffling that they cannot iron out the stuff they are pushing to market on day 1.