Some "traditional" Multiplayer ?

In the interview with frankie
he says they will show some traditional multiplayer which is NOT called war-games.

Does it mean he have 2 different matchmakings in Halo 4 ?
the new one > war games
the old one > traditional

I´m quite excited to see this this evening :slight_smile:

Interesting. What time (eastern) will this be airing?


probably refering to the classic playlist. if they show that tonight i hope it won’t be the only thing they show. a classic playlist is by far the last thing on my mind right now.

i got this countdown

the mlg pros are going to play this evening.

“Which is NOW called War Games.”

Enunciate. Haha

Darn it!!! I have class at that time! Hopefully someone will be awesome and post it on youtube for me haha

I think he says “which is now called Wargames”.

i think he says NOT, because listen to the next sentence “it´s going to be unveiled”
war games is already unveiled :slight_smile:

> i think he says NOT, because listen to the next sentence “it´s going to be unveiled”
> war games is already unveiled :slight_smile:

Yes. The interview was yesterday morning talking about last night where they unveiled officially Spartan Ops and War Games.

I’m trying to save you heartbreak. Combined slur and recording, he says “Which is now called War Games.”

activate subtitles. even subtitles says its “NOT”
and remember what frankie said. “we have some decisions to make”

Depression is in your future.

You have to realize these announcements are made for the general public. Nobody knows what “War Games” are or what he means by that. He is announcing multiplayer as War Games.

nononononoonno i think you misunderstood, he said traditional multiplayer which is NOW called war games. he was saying they were gonna show off spartan ops and traditional multiplayer which is war games. by traditional he meant 4 on 4 team slayer or whatever. unfortunately he wasn’t suggesting that there would be another multiplayer component called traditional multiplayer that would be more halo 2/3 like

I think he says ‘some traditional multiplayer which is NOW called war games’

we will see :slight_smile:
in 6 hours :smiley:

Hopefully this means we’ll have one version of MP with all the gimmicks, and one version that’s closer to H3.

I think they’re showing it on IGN at 7:40 EST. Not sure if it’s anywhere else.

I know there will be some kind of classic multiplayer, so maybe that’s what it is?

I wish he said “not”, but I’m pretty sure he said “now”. It just makes more sense that way. They also changed the multiplayer from Infinity to Wargames, and this is the first time they have unveiled it and announced the new name.