Some things never change.

Amazing game, I love the graphics, the fast paced action, the customization, the new armor sets and maps, but the one disappointing thing is the matchmaking, and it’s bad enough to make me want to return the game.

It’s as if I can’t get away with winning a game. I’ll win, and then I’ll be up against tournament level players who have perfect coordination, while getting teamed up with a guy who plays like he has Down’s syndrome.

It’s always been like this for me, in every Halo game ever–especially the more recent ones. The Trueskill system is broken and, quite frankly, unfair. I can’t stand going up against people who stomp my entire team effortlessly game after game. Where is the fun in that? I consider myself a fairly experienced player since I’ve been a fan of the franchise since CE’s first release, having close to a 2.0 K/D ratio in most Halo games. However, I’m by no means good enough for tournaments, and it seems everyone I’m up against is.

I just want to know your experience thus far. Have you been matched up with no-life freaks who stomp your team? Do you stand a chance? If so, I’d love to know your secret. Because if this persists, it’ll be the last Halo game I’ll purchase.

By the way, I typically don’t mind losing. It’s not that big of a deal for me. I’d prefer to have a good time playing, win or lose. I enjoy friendly competition and having a good neck and neck game against foes. “Fun” no longer happens when I can’t leave my spawn without getting 4v1ed and instakilled. Every game.