Some Things about Halo we should try to remember

After some time with having games where we don’t have the Master Chief, Its easy to forget how a Spartan 2 is suppose to act. I have seen many threads asking for 343 to bring back Duo-Wielding, Faster running Speeds, Higher Jumps, as well as many other things that make Spartan 2’s, Spartan 2’s

In Halo 4, I am certain that we don’t have to worry about these things. The Chief already knows how to duo-wield so it would make no sense to have him not be able to anymore. Some other things are, Spartan 2’s are suppose to be fast, they have high -floaty- jumps. Their armor is better than Spartan 3’s or ODST’s. They are basically better in every way.

We should try to remember these things, They are what make Spartan 2’s-most namely the Master Chief- who he is. And 343 would have to be ran by Idiots to not include them by default in a Master Chief Halo Game