Some Thing They Should Have Done In Halo Infinite

When you rescued Marines have Echo 216 come and pick them up like Echo 419 did in Halo Combat Evolved this would have been a nice little call back to the first Halo game also they should have video terminals in the game in future DLC like they did in Halo CEA and Halo 2A but we should be able to access them without needing something like the Halo Channel or Halo Waypoint


It would have also been neat to have gained the ability to call in Echo 216 to drop off Marines after you took out the AA guns.

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I definitely agree I hope they have video terminals and future DLC like we had in Halo CEA and Halo 2A

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The pelican had just crashed.

True but it magically flew again after we took out the AA guns so it must have not been too damaged

Yes, I did enjoy the audio logs immensely, and I feel 343 intended them to kind of be the replacement for the terminals, but I think a mix of audio and video logs would work - if done right.

@Comedic_Hermit - he does get it back up and running. Just meant it more for at a point after the AA guns are down, not necessarily in the immediate next section. Or, perhaps, if any future campaign work utilizes the same overworld, or is connected to the current overworld, I feel like it’s a feature that would work. Just in general - getting to a fight without having to go slow enough to keep your Marines in tow, but still being able to have them join in would be quite fun, IMO.

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