Some suggestions so multiplayer is rewarding rather then oppressive

Halo: Infinite is shaping up to be the most amazing game of the year but the only thing really stopping it from becoming the best is its questionable Battlepass. The Battlepass is very much a grind with very little reward/progress unless you actually pay for the Battlepass and that costs only premium currency you can only buy with money. Right off the bat many old and new fans will find this as a paywall and no way even call this a proper Free-To-Play so I will make this thread for the community to bring up great ideas for Halo: Infinite to truly make it the Game of the Year.

I suggest these changes as a start so multiplayer isn’t just fun but also a rewarding experience:

1.) A much higher amount of XP earned from each challenge/match completed with bonuses given for good performance and winning
2.) If you don’t plan to remove premium currency then at least give us “Credits” like in Halo: Reach earned from completing challenges and matches so we can buy stuff from the Store/Armory
3.) Alternatively Premium Currency can be earned by completing challenges and matches if you don’t want to use the “Credits” idea or can have both currencies so people can either shortcut with premium or work to get what they want with “Credits”
4.) Make daily log-in rewards a thing with special (seasonal or veteran) and reward caches given after reaching certain milestones of log-ins as well
5,) 100 tiers is fine but maybe we could have a bit more reward per tier and I say make it 50 tiers at most
6.) Take away the Premium Pass and just make it 1 whole Battlepass for all with deals for the whole armor sets using premium currency for those who don’t want to go through the Battlepass
7.) Another alternative for progressions is to have a fixed amount of points to be reached for you to progress instead of XP so its more consistent
8.) Battlepass progression shouldn’t take forever and should only be at its slowest only when reaching the last 20-10 tiers of the pass
9.) Remove Armor Fractures entirely and make us mix and match as we want. Same for Color Coatings give us that players expression and freedom that was advertised
10.) Fear of Missing Out is a bad thing so like Halo: MCC we could have similar style where you can get what you want and when you want by just completing challenges and spending points instead of vaulting the past seasons forever
11.) Remove the Battlepass entirely and go for Halo: Reach style progression instead
12.) Make it paid multiplayer so we don’t have to worry about Free-to-Play troubles like older Halo games

These are what I can think of for now but feel free to share ideas too cause I also want Halo: Infinite to be amazing and going up when it launches this December 8, 2021! Please 343i listen to your fans about this issues its very important! Can’t wait for Halo: Infinite! I’m so hyped!