Some suggestions for Halo Infinite after 200 hours

So i’ve been playing halo in my downtime, and there are some things im sadly missing from the game. for instance the ability to track which and how many medals you have earned in your career. some armor pieces like the security helmet from reach, hayabusha from halo 3 (could have been included in fractures tenrei, real missed opportunity) Rogue, CQB, Mk V. The flaming armor effect judgement mantle is not necessary, would have loved to see the infamous inclement weather make a return. and ofcourse the body types, i get 343 wants to include everyone. But instead of making these “different” body types, why not just put down biological -Yoink!- and keep the previous system?

Other than these remarks its an amazing game, and i look forward to play this game for years to come!