Some sounds

I know 343i redid all of the sounds for Halo 4, which I’m totally okay with. I like what they did with most of them, except for a few.


The old “kshhh” sound of the energy sword being “drawn” was almost iconic in the Halo series. It just sounded awesome, when you’d see a guy whip out his sword (you know what I mean) and you’d hear that sound, even just hearing the sound you’d think "oh, sh*t. " But with the new sound, it’s just “pshew”, which doesn’t sound menacing at all. Same goes for the look of it, I miss the mist that would radiate off of it, or how the plasma used to drip from it instead of the sword being one solid piece.


I understand we’re dealing with a different subspecies of Unggoy, so we can’t understand (as in translate) what they’re saying. That being said, the sound they make is absolutely atrocious. I dread coming into contact with the grunts because of the ear-piercing squeal they emit. I personally can’t come up with any solution to this besides simply change the noise, but that might go against canon, so I’ve just learned to simply deal with it. This would definitely be a welcomed change in the next title.


In every game up to Halo 4, the sound of a hunter sounding off with his assault cannon could strike fear into the bravest of Spartans. In Halo 4, however, they sound like a potato gun. They look incredible, but as soon as you hear their AC and see how slowly it travels, it’s almost laughable. In Halo 2 & 3, I remember the continuous stream, which sounded incredible, IMO. The single bursts in Halo CE were terrifying the way the sounded like an explosion had already happened, let alone the way it made the screen shake. A little drastic, but effective. Like I said, the potato guns in Halo 4 do not strike fear in the least bit, and would be another welcomed change.

What are your thoughts and opinions on what 343i should do with these and other sounds you did/didn’t like in Halo 5?

I don’t like the new Carbine sound, I don’t like the new Beam Rifle sound (or model), I don’t like the new Energy Sword sound (can we have the Halo 2 model back, pleeeease?), I don’t like the Storm Rifle at all and want the Plasma Rifle back, I want Halo 3 plasma grenades back (audio, appearance, and function), can we haz the wonderful Halo 3 Needler back as well, the Reach plasma pistol was pretty amazing, the Concussion Rifle is an okay Brute Shot replacement but I still prefer the Brute shot, can I haz Brute Plasma Rifle and original Halo 3 Gravity hammer back plz? Am I forgetting anything?

I basically hate what happened to the Covie arsenal in Halo 4. They look funny and their iconic audio has been wiped clean and replaced with generic sci-fi noises.

The same goes for the vehicles. The Banshee is an evolved version of the disgusting Reach Banshee, and it sounds strange, kinda like the CE Banshee but less Covenant-y somehow. The Ghost looks cool, but it functions terribly and the sounds it makes are just gross. The Revenant seems to have died a painful death since Reach, and the Wraith is more or less useless. Oh, I forgot about the Fuel Rod “Cannon”. I liked the Halo 2 sound it made better.

The only UNSC thing that’s been damaged beyond repair is the iconic Warthog, its sound and appearance drastically altered and downgraded. I do not like. :frowning:

Oh, and the Shotgun. It’s kinda pathetic these days.

I don’t know about going THAT far, I like most of the sounds in H4. The banshee though, oh man. I like the way it looks, but when you’re in it, 3 shots and the thing is falling apart. The wraith, like you said, is useless besides the boost/ram ability. I’m okay with the warthog sound, as long as I don’t need to listen to something else while driving. Don’t even get me started on the revenant, I miss ol’ Revie so much. ):

Overall I like what they’ve done with Halo 4, though. Just a few things that need to be worked out. You can’t even enjoy flying a banshee the few times you were able to because you were either getting disabled by the constant fire of overcharged PP, or you were getting pummeled by ghosts, which are apparently now anti-air vehicles. I just think the banshee is so underpowered when the player is operating it, and was definitely one of the biggest disappointments for me.

The wraith the the next biggest. It’s range is half of what it used to be, and the tiny ball of plasma it managed to spit out is pathetic. It hardly deals any splash damage, and with the reticle not being any guide as to where your mortar will land, it’s practically useless aside from the ability to ram bad guys.

I’d prefer that they don’t recycle any of the old sounds, instead make sounds better than the previous, and keep doing that with every new game.

For design, if one were to complain about the design of the Halo 4 Warthog, that’s just being way to critical.