Some Simple Ideas

I just had a few little ideas for Halo 4 that might make some aspects a bit more enjoyable:

  • AI in forge - Players will be able to spend forge money to place Marines, ODSTs, Elites, Promethian Knights, etc on forge maps.

  • Firefight Forge - Players have the ability to create maps that are usable in firefight.

  • Promethian Players - In certain game types, players have the ablility to play as a (certain type of) promethian.

Feel free to give me some feedback on what you think. I know they probably won’t be acknowledged, but it’s fun to just give out ideas. Watch for more, and list some of your ideas for Halo 4 here as well, if you’d like.

AIs would be nice, but I think they said that they won’t be in the game. Also, there’s no Firefight, so, yeah.