Some quick small ways to improve the game ASAP

I’m basically going to not bother addressing the horrendous microtransaction system because Hidden Xperia and I’m sure many others have already said how it should be. I’m going to do a big comprehensive feedback post sometime but for now here’s a handful of small things that should be implemented immediately:

  • Flag/Ball/Bomb should be one hit kill.

  • Change the loading splash screen to something cool not this boring picture awkwardly showing the plain tops of the hexagons.

  • Have fracture armour cores and have one unified armour core that can be mix and matched and saved into multiple presets. It’s BS I can’t have ODST shoulders with the Mark VII stuff for example.

  • There needs to be an EXP level up system ala MCC ASAP.

  • There needs to be an EXP bonus for winning and doing objectives.

  • Boosters should not lose time on the main menu or at least not when the game is turned off.

  • Please bring back the Yin & Yang emblem.

  • Please fix BTB.

  • URGENT: Please hurry it up with adding all the missing weapons, maps, modes etc etc. Get this stuff into the game ASAP do not drag it out and deliberately stagger content.

Stop giving 343I some good ideas and buy some cat ears.


I agree with all of that.



Yes I think this would improve the game significantly.

You have a very interesting definition of quick and small.

Some things are likely to be quite small changes, like:

  • Objective Item One HIt Kills
  • Change splash screen (really minor thing that won’t change much - would be great to see a map dependent splash though)
  • Add Yin & Yang Emblem

Most ot the things are neither small nor quick fixes - on some of them they have stated such explicitly:

  • Cross Core Customization (people looked into the backend APIs - they would need major changes to allow for this)
  • Overall EXP system (stated by 343 that they are looking into it but that it would need time)
  • EXP based on performance instead of just challenges (acknowledged by 343 but will take time)
  • Boosters only counting during active gameplay (would need to be implemented - for them to work as they do now you only need one timestamp when it’s activated to be stored in the backend)
  • Fix BTB - they didn’t find the root cause before christmas - it sure is a high priority item for them (stated as such) but unfortunately does not seem to be a “quick fix” either
  • As for missing content: if they just drop it into the game without proper testing the game likely will be even more broken than it is now.

All in all - I like and support all of the mentioned ideas, no question about that. However a large number of them would realistically not be quick and/or fast to implement.

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If they just added a strong anti cheat system, fixed the desync issue, and added ranked doubles and slayer I’d be happy.

I doubt this would take much time.
Balancing might take some thought, but it seems like it shouldn’t take more than a week.

They could change it to work per-match instead.
In an hour, I’d say you could finish 10-15 matches.

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Anyone that want’s to excuse the team not being able to log in to their vpn when virtualization is such a thing now days and not being able to at least shut down the BTB playlist so that people don’t get quit banned for simply searching the playlist or tunneling in for the purpose of turning off quit bans so that the bans don’t escalate meaning 5 quits is 1 hour just keep it 5 mins.

I am on my fifth ban. Anyone that tries to defend the team when they did this during the holidays needs to understand that this is their fourth chance doing this they have literally let their game fall apart and left their fans disappointed with no population on more than one occasion. This is inexcusable. Money should be refunded like some kind of cyberpunk, yes because BTB is broken THAT BAD. The holidays are meant to do things together with friends and family and that is the biggest playlist.

I had to play halo 3 with the same population for years. It gets boring beating the stuffing out of the same people all the time. I once had a crazy thought that 343i being a micsoft product and COD being such a big seller on XB that they ruined halo so that COD could go uncontested.

343i had halo 4, halo 5 and MCC to make mistakes. This is the same thing as MCC how do you break the game the SAME WAY twice two seperate titles so that you cannot search the game. Hi BTB searching is this game doing the same thing. I have to shut down the game to be able to search again in BTB. This is your fourth chance and you could not keep your population you deserve to lose your franchise I’m sorry.

I remember someone from bungie telling a story about how when she got off the bus at e3 to walk to the convention center a group of like 2 or more people followed her to the convention center. She talked about how awful it was as a dev to hear their opinions on destiny and that it felt like they were saying the worst things about her work because they knew who she was, so they did. The way she made it seem like the fans following her went to far made perfect sense no one should do that. When you are alone by yourself and people bigger than you start saying hostile things about something you take pride in like that in reality when you are all alone is unjustifiable. But this is a forum where you have a lot of people that want to give feedback for a solution with no update. I have defended the devs for this franchise for 20 years. I didn’t think it could get any worse. I waited all day yesterday to play with someone. They could get on this morning and BTB kept failing so they needed to do something else. For me this ruined my day and caused me to question spending money for a pass. Buyers remorse and conned.

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Getting the client to load something in is not the same as the backend being able to provide this information to the client. The backend does not support it and that’s the issue, see the following link for more information. Many questions have been asked on this, so it’s quite an interesting thread to read:

Based on what exactlly are you arriving with your estimates? The client UI for this is not there. The backend system is not set up for it. This alls need to be implemented, tested and deployed.

Yes, they could rework it from time based to a number of matches. Again you would arrive at the issue that the API doesn’t allow for it, so we’re talking implementation changes to frontend and backend, testing, deployment. This stuff takes time.

Just out of curiosity: do you have professional software development experience or how exactly do you arrive at your estimates?

That link doesn’t give much information, but it sounds like a disaster, and I can’t understand how they were planning to move forward with armors in the future without creating a new core each time.
It seems like they would have had to change how it works at some point.

Also, they say that 343 could just create a new core with all of the items, to which they add that the UI will break, but I don’t see how that’s even possible unless they designed the UI with the idea that cores wouldn’t ever have more than a certain amount of items.
Then they say even adding newly-made items to existing cores would wipe everything from the cores?

Would it be easier then for them to keep them separate (the cores) and when designing future amor pieces (let’s say shoulder pads) then they drop, there’s a design // piece of armor for each model? For ex if I unlock/buy a set of shoulder pads it comes with a set for each core

Also a possibility but it means that all existing assets are « lost »

Either way, I’d like to know more about how it works.

I’m basing it on what I’ve seen.
It doesn’t make sense that they wouldn’t make those things easy for them to change when this game is supposed to last a decade, and customization is essential for the game’s future.

Going by your link, I’d say it would take some time, assuming they’ve muddled things.
However, if they haven’t, I don’t see any reason they couldn’t change it to look at matches instead of using a timer.

I’ve seen program coding before and tried learning a few programming languages myself (I never got very far however because there’s a lot to remember), so I know what things look like and how they work somewhat.

The code is usually straightforward and easy to modify…or at least, that’s how people are supposed to write it.
With all of the things wrong with the game, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not put together very well.