Some questions regarding Infinites timeline

i know it’s canon, im saying they got bad writers for games story.

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hold on, i want to understand more: the TV series Master chief and the Games Master chief are pretty much the same.

the only differences about him (at least from what I know, since i watched the whole series (which i think turned out pretty good)) is that he takes off his helmet, the voice is different, he talks slightly more and that when he met cortana he didn’t like her (which i DON’T like about) and that he talks about his parents and his dog (which THAT i think is interesting in a good way). plus, i think its an odd idea for blue team to be replaced by silver team.

but why would all THOSE make the tv chief look bad? i mean, the chief from the forward unto dawn movie is a better actor but still, why???

I loved the part when Cortana said “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” was absolutely stunning

The main canon Master Chief removes his helmet all of the time. It’s just never seen directly in any of the games. Keeping his helmet on is not some kind of defining character trait the way it is for The Mandalorian, for example.

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And even then, said Mando has quite a thing about that.

But yeah no chief’s face isn’t some, sacred thing. I don’t know why anybody cares.

Someone’s gonna’ call me a fake fan for not caring if Chief’s face is ever seen or not. idk. idc. Been here since 2004.

sigh if I say it’s good writing, “As a writer” you’ll fire back that you write too, everyone does, so what’s the -Yoink!- point.


from my understanding it’s not just a problem with chief but the whole story, like halsey keeping the truth from the spartan, emotion inhibitors, the covenant keeping a human as pet. these are things that also effect chief and makes his character worse.

you dont have to be a writer to know when a story is good or bad, im saying it’s bad because it just seems to abandon everything from the last few games and gives very short unsatisfying answers to how it all ended and is now trying to make up a new story on the spot, but also the rest of the game is total -Yoink!-. if you like it thats fine, but im curious as to how you see it as good or better than the previous story.

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What? I’m just following her logic as an evil totalitarian space empire dictator.

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Sure…if you ignore him acting like a whiny teenager, as well as hating on the UNSC and Halsey. And commiting a warcrime by sleeping with a prisoner of war.

Chief in the books knows he was abducted day 1. Why? Because Halsey told all of them. Chief’s colony still exists in the main universe. But he’s never shown to rebel and go running back to them. He also doesn’t need cortana to turn him into a meat puppet to get the job done.

I guess you could say he’s like 343 chief since he goes rogue and has a chosen one nonsense thing goin on.

The part that bothers me the most about the show is that Cortana is actually implanted in his head and not on a chip in his helmet.

Which they obviously did because he has his helmet off enough, and they needed a way for them to talk to each other still.


I hate that I have to answer these questions all the time, but before I divulge all my feelings about the game and its story… What about it bothers you so much?

No idea, 343 refused to continue the story from Halo 4/5 and just thought it’d be cool to force people to read books to get that information.

that it abandons the previous story, offscreens cortana and atriox, has us wonder this empty and boring “open world,” very little level variety, pretty much took out most of the weapons and vehicles from 5, no prometheans or flood, the new villain doesn’t really add anything to gameplay either, just some replacement for the drones, the banished already have little enemy variety so the lack of a third faction and less weapons makes it even worse. these are just some of my grievances with the game.

I don’t know that it abandons it. I mean, Cortana literally does everything she said she’d do.

It happens while we’re asleep. People wanna’ be Chief so bad? Then we get to learn with him, what happened… and I kinda’ like that mystery as to what precisely happened. Adds to the feeling Chief has of failure, not doing/being enough. He gets some really good development here that way.


Flood shouldn’t return period, personal take. Their story, to me, was over in Halo 3. I know, I know. They came back in Halo Wars 2. It’s still… Frustrating that they did that. But it happened. So the door’s open whether I like it or not I guess.

As for the weapons - yeah, but they introduced a ton of specialized new ones. I REALLY like the new Forerunner and Banished weapons, they’re very specific, well made, and extremely well executed.

Not a huge fan of the Skimmers either, but they’re… Sort of interesting, given what they could lead to.

You sure? Felt pretty varied to me. More =/ better. I appreciate the removal of various redundancies and yet… I am intensely curious about how many of those old promethean weapons would look, sound and perform in Halo: Infinite. Shoot, I WANT to see it, I WANT to see Infinite style promtheans RAELLY badly.

But c’est la vie.

it feels like The Created story ended before it began to me, and they didn’t have to knock out chief for 6 months! i hate they did that cause it just feels like all the exciting stuff happened without us and now we just gotta clean up the mess. shouldn’t we be over this whole “chief is a human” thing by now? i get it ok, he not a machine, he has feelings, not everyone in the unsc is a badass. this one really goes in on it but it gets in the way for me.

i know chief didn’t get a lot of screen time in 5 but infinite feels like chief is the Only character. i think a new halo with a balance between him and maybe some other playable characters, kinda like the arbiter in halo 2, would be really cool. that way if chief is “indisposed” for whatever reason, we can at least see some action as someone else.

what i don’t like about infinites sandbox is it’s kinda too specific, and to me a lot of the weapons feel like older weapons fused into one, like the stalker rifle. it’s pretty obvious it’s the beam rifle and carbine fused, id rather have them separate than like this. same with the commando, just a fusion of the ar and dmr. also the more commonly used banished weapons dont feel like alien weapons, like the mangler is just a heavy revolver, disrupter is a tazer, and the skewer is just a bigace nail gun.

promeathans and flood were a lot more interesting and cooler.

i know more doesn’t equal better, neither is reusing the same crap we had 10 years ago the banished dont feel any different than the covenant except for the weapons and like i said with the lack of a 3rd faction and less weapons, it’s all too apparent.

That I’ll agree to, but hey.

idk, I think it’s interesting. Chief’s always been able to be there on time to save the day. This is the one time he… really couldn’t. It’s new ground for the series.


Not until the audience really understands it. So far, the wider audience doesn’t seem to see Chief as anything but a living legend, when really he’s just… An amazingly skilled soldier who was robbed of a childhood, adult life and now… well, an easy life after that. Guy’s in his 50s, and he keeps fighting because it’s all he knows. It’s all he’s ever been… allowed to know. So he keeps doing it.

And while 4 and 5 really wanted to try to show that they stumbled. A lot. But Chief really got to be… like, extremely vulnerable here. He outright disassociated when holding Griffin as he died, like blanked out entirely - and as someone who has disassociated several times in their life, that was really well portrayed and really, really hit home for me. Chief’s trauma and everything he’s been through is finally taking its toll on him, it’s catching up - and he hasn’t had an anchor to keep him grounded since he lost Cortana.

Which, of course, he finds in The Weapon and Fernando.

I must point out - The Weapon and The Chief are two sides of the same coin - both creations, brainchildren of Doctor Halsey’s mind for war and ending it, and both figuring out what that means together. As much as John gets to teach her about how war works and how things change, she gets to catch up with him, new to all of this, but also be something, someone, he can learn to lean on.

They had a really well written, rocky relationship.

Gods, her termination code being RED FLAG - 034 - SAMUEL was just… Such a hit. That was his code, something he could not forget, his greatest failure because, like… that’s kind of what Inbfinite is about.

It’s about failure. Inability. What you can do after that. How to get past it. It’s really good.

While I don’t super like the sequence where Escharum gets to die in Chief’s comfort, diagetically I understand why John found him sympathetic. Escharum and him… Weren’t too different. Their lives were war, conflict, that’s it. John can not rest. He never had to storm on through to go rescue Fernando. He could have done things differently, but at every turn, John chose to meet Escharum on his terms.

And man… I’ve rarely seen him so angry. There were various moments where John had barely, barely concealed anger. If you beat the spartan hunters fast enough, The Weapon warns that they’ll send more and he just says with this absolute venom, “Let them.”

Chief’s lost. He failed to protect The Infinity, countless people, saved none of the Spartans, and he couldn’t save Cortana. His story in Infinite is one of loss in every sense. Loss of childhood, innocence, agency, camaraderie, all he was able to keep was a singular reason to keep going - finishing the fight, as per usual.

And in doing so, built up more reasons to fight, more reasons to go on. Found friends, saved lots of people, pushed The Banished back. He did not stay down.

As much as it’s a story about failure and loss, it’s a story about rising up beyond and past that, so that you may continue. It’s really, really good.

and I’m really sad more folks don’t recognize it for what it is.

Did you know that every single time people were forced to play as someone besides Chief, they’ve gotten so mad they didn’t do it the next game? When Halo 2 was new people were LIVID that most levels were The Arbiter’s. When Halo 5 was new, people were BEYOND mad that most of the game was Locke’s.

No, they’ve sadly been shown they cannot deviate from Chief without dissent… and they doubled down on it being Chief’s story - which, frankly, does annoy me. Halo is SO so SO so SOOOO much bigger than him.

Hot take I think the Stalker is way better than both. It serves a decidedly different role than either one, but in PvE, gives you a fair but deadly weapon for Jackals to have and snipe at you with. Normal, you’ve got three shots before you’re capped. Legendary, you can only take two, so you better be able to react. REALLY good sandbox decision.

I think it just has too much Bloom. I think The Commando was executed poorly in balancing. It should be far better than it is. Way way way too much bloom, not enough recoil to balance out its precision.

Always wanted a brute revolver, and it plays differently from every other gun. Weak enough to be a mook weapon at a low level, precise and strong enough to be a powerful tool in your hands. Demands skill.

Not quite.

It’s actually a rebalanced Spartan Laser.

Flood need to stay buried. Prometheans… Have never really been liked. They need to be figured out better.

Yeah, because if they felt too different, fans would lose their minds. But… They did feel different enough to me. Infinite FINALLY made Brutes fun to fight - franchise first IMO. Elites finally got to be the lovely agile boys they are, and we got some great variance in the Jackals this time too.

I just like the sandbox. I think the Hunters universally blow in this game though. Absolutely ZERO fun to fight IMO.

i’ve read the fall of reach book and watched the movie and i’ve NEVER heard halsey telling john and the other spartans that she kidnapped them, and that they knew about it since day one.
i thought it was a good idea for the tv series to explain why master chief never talks about his parents or his childhood. i thought he lost his childhood memory since he’s been separated from them for over 30 years. he even mentions to echo 216 in INFINITE that he doesn’t have a family. (except for blue team)

besides, the only things i don’t like about 4, 5, infinite and the tv show is:

  1. no forge released during the first infinite launch.
  2. no firefight in infinite.
  3. no griffball in infinite.
  4. lame battle pass.
  5. cortana being evil.
    6 spartan locke taking the major spotlight in halo 5.
  6. captain del rio being an @$$hole.
  7. out-of-bounds in the infinite campaign. (come on! it’s an “open-world” game! we don’t need limits.)
  8. no large mammals in infinite.
  9. the tv unsc being evil.
  10. silver team replacing blue team.
  11. no spirit dropships, shotguns and plasma rifles in infinite.
    13 waiting for the infinite dlcs to come out.

you sure you saw the movie? because i did, she told them exactly why and they didn’t question it. weird but at the same time we know what chief goes on to be, so whats the point questioning it now? also i dont wanna talk about the show, i wanna talk about this piece of crap game 343 is dishing out.

I mean.

Whether or not she told them, they definitely were kidnapped. The whole flash clone thing was bungie era lore, FYI.

Yeah that all sucks.

She went mad with power post-rampancy and like her mother (Halsey, effectively) would pretty much do anything to accomplish her goals. She wasn’t really bound to anyone else’s agency anymore.

Eh. It’s fine.

Yeah, it made no sense for him to be a jerk. Thing is literally nobody in the game or comics or anything, supported him. Fleetcom literally relieved him of command of The Infinity and put his Executive Officer, Lasky, in charge.

Every single open world game has boundaries.

That did suck.

As early as Ghosts of Onyx, we saw the true evil the UNSC was capable of. The UNSC wiped out “Far Isle” a colony world under insurrectionist control. It was NUKED. Effectively made uninhabitable. The UNSC has done a lot of evil things.

ONI continues to exist.
The Spartan Program was ALWAYS intended to quell insurrection until the Spartan IV program.
The UNSC literally exploited colony worlds for its own benefit - that isn’t new lore. There’s a reason the UEG folks hated seeing UNSC there in Halo 5. The only people who really LIKE the UNSC are the UNSC and people who weren’t rebels.

And, the Insurgency was not unjustified.

Thought it was an interesting choice. Different universe, different canon, different rules, different circumstances.

I mean we have a shotty, the best one yet, but I get it.

Some of them remember being kidnapped.

I’m reading The Cole Protocol as I type and Jai is thinking about being ‘snatched away from a life he only dimly remembered…’

He kept trying to escape as a 6 y/o, Halsey calls him to her office and asks of he wants to leave.

“You understand what you were told, when you first arrived.” [that comma splice is in the book, too]
“You stole me. You want me to fight for you. Fight for Earth. It isn’t even my home planet.”

(Of all the things I find the least believable in all of Halo it’s the way they describe 6 y/os acting)

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